Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Today, I wanted to write a post, but I had no idea what to base it on. I looked back at my prevous posts and realised just how many I have done now! I have a total of 40 posts now, and if you are a regular reader of my blog, you may have notices some common aspects of each of my posts.

Sign offs:

In every single post, I attempt to use a different sign off, just to make it a bit more interesting and switch it up. However, I somehow have managed to use "Ciao for now" a total of four times, and repeated some other ones various times too. Below, I have listed all the ones I have used, and also hyperlinked them to the post they were featured in, so go check them out! Underneath all the sign offs, for some I have also put alternative titles for each of the posts, so if you think you a true ScatterrBrained fan, try and work out which post each of the alternative titles are.
  1. Onwards and Upwards! 
    1. The naked running man
  2. Toodle-loo! 
    1. What I would do if I had boy parts.
  3. So long! 
    1.  Pretty dresses
  4. Tah-tah for now,
    1. Wiggly lips
  5. Sayonara.
  6. Toodle-loo
  7. Night night, 
    1. Check out my cock.
  8. Ciao for now
  9. Signing off!
    1.  How to wack someone with a rubber chicken
  10. See you tomorrow, 
    1. Origami Elephant
  11. Hasta la vista, 
    1. Umad?
  12. Unhello 
    1. Explosive tastes in your mouth
  13. Adieu 
    1. *Click at your own peril*
  14. Farewell!
    1. I love gingers
  15. Buh-bye! 
    1. The best boots ever
  16. Tah-tah for now. 
    1. Some of the coolest people I know
  17. Cheerio!
  18. Good bye, 
    1. Scaredy cat girls
  19. Good speed,  
    1. Fish-feeding device
    1.  I think it's time to retire Madonna
  20. Cool tings
  21. Yours, 
    1. I crave
  22. Ciao for now,
  23. Ciao for now,
  24. Toodle pip, 
    1. Buckley, Lykke Li and tattoos
  25. Peace, 
    1. Blue hair
  26. 再 见  
    1. How to have cool hair
  27. “F”anks for reading! 
    1. Brap! Brap! 
  28. Thanks for your support! 
  29. Have fun with life then,
  30. See you later, alligator, 
    1. Think you know me? Albert Feleinstein Returns  
  31. So I guess I’ll see you there! 
    1. The best club in the world
  32. Keep calm and have good hair, 
    1. A hairy situation
  33. Tally-ho pumpkins, 
    1. Albert Feleinstein's debut
  34. Ciao for now!
  35. Cool. Speak to you guys tomorrow. 
    1. Hit me with your rhythm stick
  36. See you tomorrow, 
    1. Pretty girls and some others
  37. Cheers big ears, 
    1. Food, glorious food 
  38. See you suckers. 
    1.  Brainz
  39. Lots of virtual love, 
    1. ZOMG lyk ma 1st post eva!
In almost every post, I also have a P.S of some sort.

Did you know that postscript is writing added after the main body of a letter (or other body of writing). The term comes from the Latin post scriptum, an expression meaning "written after".
Sometimes, when additional points are made after the first postscript, abbreviations such as PPS (post-post-scriptum, or postquam-post-scriptum) and PPPS (post-post-post-scriptum, and so on, ad infinitum) are used, though only PPS has somewhat common usage - but not on this blog muahaha!
So that's all for today,

Pip, pip!

Rebecca x

P.S. I know this is a slightly pointless post, so here is a awesome video of Jamie Woon.
P.P.S. And here is possibly one of my favourite songs ever.

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