Thursday, 5 January 2012

One Week Anniversary

This post is mainly going to be reflective on the past week. It’s probably not going to be funny or entertaining in the slightest, so after this painfully funny Physics joke, featuring Albert Feleinstein, feel free to click the little x on the right hand corner of this window. :)
"Is chemistry cat any good at physics?" "Na."
One week ago today, I took the plunge and created this blog “ScatterrBrained”. I committed myself to BEDTWBlog Every Day This Week. It has been a tremendously enjoyable experience for me, having something to regularly do and work towards. It has also been extremely insightful for me, in what sort of direction I am planning to lead this blog in.
Originally, I was not going to write this rather boring post. Instead, I had this little “Formspring”-esque quiz of some questions I had collated from my friend to answer, which was going to be utterly hilarious, but turned out to be utterly BORING, so I’ve decided to scrap that idea*.   However, as I was writing the answers, I realised a few points:
-          I am not funny in any way, shape, or form. My first two posts were satisfactory, but comedy is something that is no way my forte.
-          My life is not actually that interesting. I do the same things every day. Wake up. Rush to School. Stress about work. Procrastinate. Sleep. And then it repeats over again. I know we all like to be selfish and write about ourselves, but I don’t actually have that much I want to express on the World Wide Web.
-          Blogging every day will certainly be a challenge if I don’t want to fail my GCSEs! However, just writing whatever is on the top of my head something that I have been enjoying, along with the entire blogging experience.
After reaching this conclusion, I’ve have made a few decisions.
-          This blog is going to include probably more posts regarding music and fashion. It probably means ultimately less people will be interested in what I am writing about but for me that is what I have enjoyed blogging about most this week. An alternative would probably be starting an entire new blog solely dedicated for that purpose, something that I am seriously considering.
-          I still do want to continue blogging about life and all that shebang, but it’s going to be far less regular, just like all my posts in general.
So yes, I suppose I have fulfilled one of my New Year’s Resolutions today by writing a shorter blog post. I’m not really sure what this post was suppose to reflect/achieve, but thought I might as well get it out there to complete BEDTW.
Here are some more blog posts I am planning to do in the next week (or month…)! Even though last time I made this sort of list in my first post, I managed to only complete a tiny percentage of what I mentioned.
1.       BBC Sound of 2012 list: my opinons
2.       Fashion Trends or something like that
3.       What I want to buy
4.       Revision/Exams/Life.
5.       More fashion blogs that I have been loving
6.       Update on the New Year’s Resolutions
Damn, I love planning. 
Tally-ho pumpkins,

Rebecca x
*During writing that post, I had a sudden epiphany! I am not going to post the rest of that terrible post, but here is what I wrote…
"Ever since I was a toddler, I have loved nibbling on random objects – the side of my cot as a child used to have teeth marks along the side of it. Now, I love biting on buttons, bottle lids, head phone wires, straws, and generally anything plastic and chew-able. Oddly enough, I don’t gnaw on finger nails (gross!) and pen lids nor, do I particularly enjoy chewing gum. However, I have just realised, gnaw is my surname backwards, perhaps this is suggesting something? MINDFUCK!"

P.S. I feel like every post should have a P.S, so I've just added this one for the sake of it. :)


  1. LOL I'M GNAW TOO! But I only like gum and pen lids...xD

    btw, your blog is relli kewl xP

  2. Awh babeesss ;) That was some speedy commenting! I certainly am impressed!

    And thank you! you are kewl too ;) x

  3. So... so... we're not doing that thing?!

  4. awh! I will, once i think of some better answers! you can post yours if you want! but my answers were just so embaressing, I couldn't face putting up the answers I had! soz! :(


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