Thursday, 12 January 2012

Tag! You're it!

Here is this yet another pointless post, me answering some random questions and answers about me… fun times.
Roboco, Rebok, Wangsypoo, Wango, Mango, Banana, Becca, Becky, Bex etc.
But I always just stick with Rebecca. 
Self Portrait

Favourite subject?
Resistant materials. If you don’t know what that is, it is not just drilling/sawing/ planning/ sanding wood. It’s more than that… it’s a way of life. Nah, being serious, most design and technologies actually involve very little practical. We seem to spend most of our time drawing designs and learning theory, which I really enjoy. A close second would be chemistry and in third place would be another science or maths.
Albert Feleinstein returns with a chemistry joke! 
Wow, I'm such a nerd.

For more witty and banterous science jokes, I Can Haz Cheezburger has a extensive selection. 

Favourite drink?
I used to love drinking fruit juice - especially orange juice - but drinking so much from a young age has had a detrimental effect on my teeth (acidity). I do like some plain H2O most of the time (Wow, I’m literally so lame.) I am slowly warming up to (English) tea; I was never really a heavy tea drinker. Would soup count as a favourite drink? If so, I would say that potato and leek, or a warm rustic pumpkin soup etc. Mhmm…

Favourite band/artist?
I can vividly remember someone asking me this exact question when I was roughly 7 years old. I replied “Green Day”, even though I don’t think I had listened too much of their music. It may just have been because Green was my favourite colour at the time, and I thought that if I said a rock band, they would think I was cool. But throughout years after that occasion, I grew to love them, and they DID become my favourite band. I don’t really listen to them much more – they haven’t made a new album in sometime. 21st Century Breakdown was slightly disappointing compared to American Idiot, but they do have a Broadway musical which sounds awesome. As for now, I like too many bands and artists to just have one favourite. Go on my Facebook profile if you want to see a more extensive list of people I like.

What would you name your kids?
Hmm, good question. I have always liked names which are unusual/uncommon, but are known as being names. Being called Rebecca, I have always been in a class where there have been multiple people of the same name. I like names that are original, but aren’t so unique that no one can pronounce it. I like Evelyn for girls, Felix and Harrison for boys.

Any pets?
Well, we keep fish, but they are very, very, very old and most of the time, they are belly up… Fish suck, once they die, I don’t think we should look after them anymore. It must be quite monotonous swimming around a tank in circles whilst being blinded by a blasting light from above.

Favourite colour?
My favourite colour has changed several times in my lifetime so far. The first colour in my living memory that I can remember liking was blue, then turquoise, orange, purple, green and now I suppose my favourite colour is red maybe? Everything that I seem to currently to be buying/dying is red: school bag, ukulele, hair. However, my favourite group of colours would include burgundy, wine, navy, silver, black (even though not technically a colour).
This nebula pretty much sums up all my favourite colours. Pretty.

Favourite movie?
I like Moulin Rouge and Mulan / Aladdin or some other random Disney movies (they are my childhood!). It’s not my favourite movie, but I watched Ip Man the other day and it is a very good. I’m not really that knowledgeable when it comes to movie though, I don’t watch that many compared to most people!

Favourite year of life?
I have terrible memory, thus can’t really remember my younger years more that vividly, but that suggests to me that they mustn’t have been that interesting. My favourite year, by far, would’ve been year 9: 2010. It was a good year at school: good stable group of friends and it’s a bit of a pointless year as there are no major exams and most people doss around in lessons anyway since they aren’t going to pursue it to GCSE. The holidays were what made it though. In January, I went to Finland to visit my uncle and also go skiing which is always lovely, and then in Easter and summer, I met some of the best people I have ever known at camp, and made some truly awesome friends.

Favourite quote?
Live to eat, not eat to live. (I’m a fatty at heart)
Life goes on.

What type of phone do you have?
At this current moment none, since I have managed to lose my indestructible and terrible Nokia (argh!). I hope that my dad will now buy me a new phone. ;)

How tall are you?
"You're so short, you smell of feet!" I hear you cry.

I personally feel like all I seem to do on this blog is talk about me. I acknowledge that it is suppose to be my own personal creative space, but I feel like I end up always talking about my life, which really isn’t the interesting. However, I do like the concept of a “tag” game online, where basically you answer some questions, and then tag someone else to also respond to the questions. I would love to get to know all of you guys better too, so, I TAG:

And anyone else who wants to answer these questions in the comments!
Here are the questions complied together:
1.       Nicknames?
2.       Favourite subject?
3.       Favourite drink?
4.       Favourite band/artist?
5.       What would you name your kids?
6.       Any pets?
7.       Favourite colour?
8.       Favourite movie?
9.       Favourite year of life?
10.   Favourite quote?
11.   What type of phone do you have?
12.   How tall are you?
See you later, alligator,

Rebecca x
P.S. I hate writing these types of posts, as my life is boring, but I have serious writer's block!  


  1. ...I. Love. Moulin. Rouge.
    *Sings Come What MAy at the top of her voice*

    1. teheh! wow you comment so speedily, I'm impressed! :)

  2. Ahahahaa yayyy! I'll do the tag thing tomorrow ^-^ <3 How do you reply to comments?:O

  3. lol omg i loved lool this post, maybe cos i had a very similar relationship with greenday xD also i really like your nerdy jokes 8-) lololol

    1. lol seriously? green day ftw! and yes, nerdy jokes are awesomeee! :)


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