Thursday, 26 January 2012

Uke News, Attractive Men and Year 7s

Hello there. Similarly to Tuesday’s post, I’m going to show you some other really awesome things I have liked in the last few days.

Sherlock (parody) | Chris Kendall
Crabstickz is probably one of the funniest Youtuber out there. His impressions and accents are so hilarious, and this video is probably one of his best, simply because it’s about Sherlock.. I was literally laughing out loud for probably a good 10 seconds after finish watching the video, which, for me, is a rarity.

Jamie N Commons - The Preacher Official Video
I found about this dude from the BBC Sound of 2012 list, something which I look forward to each year, since it always has some AMAZING artists on it. I haven’t managed to listen to many of the artists on the list this year though, but I have heard a few songs from this band and I am honestly so excited to hear their album. This is my favourite song so far and describes it as...
“ A dusty, stomping ballad about religion and death performed with a five piece band, it’s stormy wild west meets Jack White’s Detroit (with nods to Johnny Cash and Nick Cave thrown in for good measure). There’s only really one problem; I’ll need to see a birth certificate to believe that he’s only 22 years old. Jamie sounds like he has been glugging whisky for years.”
All he needs to do is grow a beard and do a duet with Laura Marling (this song is very similar to Devil’s Spoke – one of my favourite songs – since it’s a powerful ballad about such a dark subject matter), then my life will be complete.

Onra ft. Jin - The Learn Chinese Anthem (Mashed up by Mo Ellah)
Onra is a French hip-hip/beat maker/ producer sort of musician. The beats he makes are super cool, and in his album, “Chinoiseries”, where old 60’s Chinese and Vietnamese samples are used- two genre’s which juxtapose surprisingly well. The beat used in this remix –The Anthem – is quite well known as was used in a Coke advert for the 2008 advert. I quite like this mash-up with this random rapper, even though I don’t know he is... Oh well, it has Onra’s beat in it, and I think he’s seriously good looking.

Nice Year 7s
What? That's right, some year 7's these last few days have actually been so nice! In our glee club rehearsal, this one girl printed off some lyrics for me, even though I didn't ask her to. Also, yesterday, I was doing my eyeliner in the loos and this random girl who I've never seen before told me that I was "really pretty"! Awh, perhaps behind the giant rucksacks, they are actually nice people.

My new ukulele has finally arrived.  I am so happy! It’s a Lanikai LU-11, and I love it.
Aren't they pretty?

Quick Review and Comparision:
Price: £15
+Comes in rainbow colours
+Plastic coated covering, sound is not as good, but makes the instrument very durable
+Geared tuners are shaped like dolphins
-Sounds like turd as the intonation is quite poor

Price: £50
+Surprisingly loud and resonant considering the size
+Aquila strings are lush
-Lack of attention to detail: Lanikai logo and rings around sound hole look quite tatty
-Made out of plywood, which is going to chip/flake off

In conclusion, basically, if you want a uke to simply look cool, get the Mahalo. If you want to play music, get the Lanikai!
Buying ukuleles is actually so addictive, I want to expand my collection further!


Ciao for now,

Rebecca x

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Cool Findings of the Interwebz

Time to take a break from the hair posts, and present to you some cool things I have encountered on the internet over the past week or so.

Jeff Buckley- Grace (BBC Late Show)
Grace is one of the set works which you have to learn about in the GCSE music course. I do like quite a lot of the pieces, but this is the only one that I would truly listen to for my own choice. I was just searching it up on Youtube for some further listening and found this version of it. His performance is generally so intense and amazing, plus it’s pretty hilarious when he lifts his hands up when his is said to also share his father’s “extraordinary vocal elasticity”, at 00.28. Shame both father and son had such early deaths, we can only imagine what great music they would’ve produced.

Lykke Li & Bon Iver doing 'Dance Dance Dance' in L.A
Lykke Li is one of my favourite female artists, along with Florence & the Machine and Regina Spektor. She with Bon Iver (match made in heaven!) simply jamming and dancing in the street with their sleigh bells, kazoo and accordion is so organic and delightful. I remember seeing this video a few years ago, it’s only recently I just rediscovered it from Jazz’s blog, which may I say is absolutely beautiful – I wish I could produce such amazing illustrations!

This is a beautiful blog by a beautiful girl, but I especially love this blog post. Her hair is so striking, even Arial from The Little Mermaid would be jealous!

Go Beyond The Cover: Behind the Scenes
A very simple, yet effective advert, where Zombie Boy (a man covered with head to toe tattoos) has his entire body of tattoos covered with some concealer, inciting ideas about “judging a book by its cover. I find it really interesting, and is it odd I find him kind of attractive?!
I first found this video on OogleMakeup’s blog, probably one of the eloquently written and insightful blogs dedicated to make up and beauty. My favourite posts of her’s are usually about consumerism and the beauty industry as a whole, as they are so often very thought provoking about society’s perception of beauty.

That’s it! I really do hope you look at some of the videos/pictures I have linked, as I find them so interesting!
Toodle pip,

Rebecca x

Monday, 23 January 2012

Chronicles of Ombré Hair: Part 2 – IS IT FOR YOU?

Don't understand what this is about? Click here to read from the first post.

Let me clear up a few things before we start in the actual dying process...

1.       These posts is going to extremely extensive/in depth/over the top for something so trivial. I am going to state absolutely everything I know about hair-dying here, because I know that if I had something like this to read before I were to dye my hair, it would’ve been so much easier! I am going to try and make it slightly easier to understand, but it is going to be a lot of writing. If you are not interested in dying your hair, then press the little x in the corner right now.
2.       This is not an instructional post about dip-dying hair. They both involve two different colours of hair on one’s head, but they are slightly different.

Ombré literally means “shaded” or something like that – French is most definitely not my best subject.

Anyways, this means that there is a gradation of shades between the two colours, as one slowly blends into another. Dip-dying is more about having two different colours that are abruptly change into each other- I.e. there is no fading into each other.
The Hairington Twins

3.       I am mainly going to explain how to ombré to red from black, but of course this will also work with other colours. I will state in italics if any steps will change if you wish to ombré blonde/blue/rainbow/etc, from any other hair colours.


·         Do you only want this semi-permanently?
Well, if this is the case and you have very dark hair (like black Asian hair, like mine) then it is simply not going to be possible to ombré your hair to a lighter colour. If you use a semi-permanent dye, the colour on the box will NOT be the colour that will come out of your hair. If you use a coloured semi-permanent dye (like a red or purple colour, which seems to be all the rage nowadays), your hair will have very little difference, unless you are directly under sunlight, then a slight tint would be visible. If you want an ombré which is actually visible under normal light, a permanent dye will HAVE to be used. The only way of removing this colour from your hair is I suppose chopping it all off, or dying it all black, as that would be the only colour dark enough. I have seen colour removal kits on the market, but I doubt it would work on dark hair, purely because they only remove hair colour which is darker than your natural colour.
If you have light hair such as blonde, then it will be possible to use a semi-permanent or temporary hair colour to achieve ombré to a darker shade or colour, but not a lighter ombré.

·         Do you want to keep your hair in perfect condition?
If so, this will not be possible. Obviously, if your hair is already strong, healthy or resistant to split-ending, the damage could be reduced. However, there will always be a negative impact to its condition when dying hair, regardless of whether you use semi permanent or permanent dye. There are temporary hair dyes that are vegetable based dyes (e.g. manic panic) which are ammonia and peroxide free, but still will dry hair out to a certain degree. Of course, aftercare is highly important and can prevent any further spilt-ends from forming, but subjecting your hair to such strong chemicals inevitably will cause significant damage.

·         Do you do lots of water sports/swimming/wish to shower a lot?
If so, then this may be a slight problem. If you are wishing to dye your hair an unnatural colour (such as red for example), even if the small print of the packaging says that it is permanent, the colour will undoubtedly fade and also bleed when in contact with water. If you are in contact with water a lot, then the colour is not going to last very long at all, plus chlorine from swimming pools also cause detrimental effects on the colour – you don’t want green hair (unless you are going for that look!).

If you are aware that...
1.       Ombré hair is going to be a permanent commitment (unless you chop it off or dye over with black)
2.       Your hair will be damaged by it
3.       When you go swimming, you will leave a trail of hair colour behind you
And you are still not put off...



Rebecca x

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Chronicles of Ombré Hair: Part 1 – INTRODUCTION

Hello there cool people. I had such writer’s block about what to post next, but as my “Whip it Real Good” has proven rather popular and I always get asked about it in real life, I’m going to instruct and inform you about how to achieve ombré hair.
Magritte style, mainly because my face looked silly, and apples look cooler
What on earth is ombré hair?
Ombré hair colour is generally darker at the roots through the mid-shaft and then gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends. It is usually achieved using a balayage technique and is ideal for clients looking for a low-maintenance style.
That is the definition from and I have to agree with it. Last year it was very popular both on bloggers and celebrities. One reason why it is probably so popular is that it is just so low-fuss and budget friendly as root touch ups are not required- it basically just having really bad roots. That sounds so easy doesn’t it? Just slap on some peroxide on the ends of your hair and then you’re done! Well, yes if you want to turn your hair into straw. However, I don’t have the ever so popular brown to blonde ombré, instead mine is black to red and dying black hair to any colour (which is lighter) without bleach is usually pretty hard. Nevertheless, I have managed it and I really would like to spread my knowledge of not just the method in achieving that hair colour, but also the science behind it (because I love chemistry- sounds lame, doesn’t it...), to everyone.
After I started planning my initial post, I realised that it was going to be absolutely ridiculous if I were to put it all into post, so I am going to create a mini-series on my blog called “Chronicles of Ombré hair”. I’ve decided to break it down into bite-sized chunks that will be easier to follow, rather than a never-ending essay with me over-analysing filamentous biomaterial sprouting out of one’s head.

Expect to see reviews of hair dyes, explanations of the science behind how hair dye works and colour theory, maintaining hair colour and easy to follow step by step tips on taking the plunge.

Keep checking this blog and especially this post, because as each part of the guide goes live, I’m going to link them all back to this post.  I hope to try and add a section each day!

再 见,
Rebecca x

P.S. I can’t believe I’m starting a series about something as trivial as this. I’ll try to make such a superficial topic as in depth and scientific as possible (LOL WHAT A JOKE)
P.S.S Sorry for all my readers who probably don’t care at all about hair dying, I will continue with normal posts next week!
P.S.S.S Just noticed that the three pictures of me, Jessie J and Snooki all involve some sort of animal print in it... weird!

I would first like to say I AM NOT A HAIRDRESSER nor do I claim that my method is the “correct” way of doing it. I have simply done a lot of research before proceeding onto the dying process, so I wouldn’t end up of with a hair disaster. Since I am just so nice, I am going to inform you about everything I have gained from experience and research, so you don’t end up with a hair disaster either (not guaranteed!).

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

I is bare cool, init?

Today, in English we started our Spoken Language element of our GCSE language coursework. Now, usually hate English with a passion, I wouldn’t even think about it outside the context of our classroom, but today I was compelled to write this blog post about it. Bizarrely enough, I actually found what we were studying really quite interesting (I can’t believe I’m saying this, what has the world come to?!).

We commenced by exploring what actually is spoken language. It is not just when you have a conversation with someone or if you give speech, but then could also be an online conversation. That means that it’s anything which is intended to be said out loud first rather than written down and edited. In that aspect, I suppose my blog is spoken language, considering that I simply just write down whatever the train of thought is in my head. Some of my friends at school even mentioned today that when they read my posts, they read it with my voice in their head.

Next, we moved onto accents. People associate them with foreign people and dull (what is the opposite of funny and witty?) comedians, but everyone has an accent. Even in our class there were a variety accents, however there were a few which were most prevalent and reflective of our entire year group (all images copyright WANG)

1.       The majority of the people just have a southern estuary accent; however laziness in annunciation is common.

2.       Some people have Home Counties accents with perfect diction and speak eloquently, but are slightly audacious and arrogant. It is clear that their parents probably whipped them every night to make sure they don’t drop their T’s.

3.       Other people have been whipped by their parents to speaking in Received Pronunciation, due to peer pressure, attempt to add in slang, (such are “bare” and “allow”), thus sounding rather ridiculous.

4.       The FOBs. FOB stands for fresh off the boat, i.e. they have just moved to this country from another. Most common FOB accents in our school include American and Australian accents.

5.       A few people have a London “youth accent” in order to seem “hard”. I don’t get it either. (sorry the picture is a bit stereotypical!)

As I was writing these categories for my school, it struck me that an accent is not only the way you speak or where you come from – it can also suggest social status and stereotypes. It’s amazing how something so intrinsic can have just a prominent affect on how you are perceived to be like. However, this is not always a negative; everyone has their own unique accent and style which is almost like a vocal fingerprint. The English language is constantly developing and accents can often offer meaning beyond just the letters. If everyone had to speak in RP, what a monotonous world it would be.  I think regional accents provide personality.

So, what category do I fit in?

Being a BBC (British born Chinese), my parents hardly ever communicate to me in English, thus they would not have influenced my accent in anyway. This must mean that my accent has been mostly affected by my schooling.

1.       I always drop my T’s, probably because almost everyone around here does. After our English teacher pointed this out, I attempted to perfectly pronounce my T’s, but in the end, I thought I sounded slightly silly.
2.       I used to always say “f”, when it’s supposed to be “th”. For example, I used say “f”ursday, instead of “th”ursdays, probably because this is a trade mark of being brought up in “emel. I remember my sister always used to tease me about it, so I tried to change it. Another reason could be because, in the Chinese language (Mandarin), there is no “th” sound at all, so I probably grew up not using it in both languages, since it wasn’t used in one. I still find it slightly hard to pronounce to this day and sometimes the devilish “f” does still creep in out of habit.

So yes, in conclusion, I believe that spoken language is something which should equate to more than a measly 10% of a GCSE. The way you speak/talk is just so imperative to every walk of life – that is unless you decide to move to another country and never utter another word in English ever again. Apart from grades and what is written down on your CV, the second most important factor when in an interview situation is the way you converse and portray/sell yourself with your words. Therefore, English teachers, I think you should teach us less about pointless poetry and make us write fewer critical essays, and teach us the skills that will be invaluable all throughout our life.

Here is a hilarious video of this one guy attempting 24 English accents. By the way, it contains lots of swearing.

Wow, I can’t believe I wrote an entire post about English.

“F”anks for reading!

Rebecca x

P.S. I am planning to blog every other day this month! So far, I have managed to stick to this goal, and it’s something I really do want to keep to throughout the year, so check back regularly for more content!
P.P.S. I have far too much fun using MS paint...

Monday, 16 January 2012

"I want to be pretty..."

Poor blog!

... I hear my blog cry. Yes, I think it is about time that I make my blog aesthetically beautiful. I’ve decided that February* is going to be the month of home improvements on ScatterrBrained. As you can probably tell, I have made quite a few changes already. RIP old format! (I should’ve print screened it)

What I have done already:

1.       BACKGROUND - Probably the most obvious difference is the omission of the cartoon brain, tiled background. I loved the obnoxiousness and quirky aspect of it, but I think it’s time to opt for a more mature look. Instead I have changed it do a dark purpled-toned gray.
2.       HEADER – Gone is the loathsome bubblegum pink back ground and childish font, since pink is my least favourite colour. Instead I have replaced it with an image of a real nebula, which I took from my “Tag! You’re it!” post, as I just realised how pretty it is. I usually hate the font Courier New but I thought that it suited the space aged look.
3.       PAGES - Deleted them entirely since I only had 2 pages, 1 which was home with all my posts, and 2, a “About me” page which was completely vacant.
4.       FAVICON – I changed the favicon so it is a cute little brain!

What I want to do, but can’t seem to do as Blogger is pissing me off/I’m a noob at HTML:

1.       HYPERLINKS – for some annoyingly annoying reason, all my hyperlinks are a grotesque bright blue colour, even though I’ve changed the settings template’s advanced settings. Perhaps it is just a glitch, but it’s genuinely ruining the entire aura that I am trying to convey on my blog.
2.       BORDER AROUND THE HEADER – Why is there that horrendous light pink boarder around my beautiful nebula? I google-ed it, and it told me to change some HTML code. Even though editing the HTML to be feels like open heart surgery, I found the bit of code I was looking for, but it said the value was 0 already!!! If anyone is a wiz at that sort of stuff, please could you help me!

Here are some of my favourite fashion/style blogs which also happen to be absolutely gorgeously made too.

1)      Zoella
a.       Very popular blog, with quite a girly design.

a.       Mentioned in my post about Inspirational blogs, this blog is very simplistic with its design, but well put together. I particularly like the hand drawn header, and how the images in the posts are cool toned to match the colour scheme of the blog

3)      Meek~N~Mild
a.       The design has, as the post there mentions, very clean lines, making it look very professional and sharp. I like how everything is centred, rather than aligned left.

4)      VIPXO
a.       I really like how the aquamarine colour is used as a highlight throughout the blog, and also how the image of her is a .GIF.

5)      Noir Nouvelle
a.       Probably one of best put together blog, with a consistent theme that is light water colours.

What I have noticed in all these blogs:

1)      Consistency: probably the main thing which I have noticed in these blogs is that, whatever theme the blog has, it is consistent through out.
2)      Width: The screen shots are quite deceiving, since I zoomed out when taking them, but something which was common was that very little background as the width of the blogs were very wide, with only thin margins.
3)      Big Pictures: most images are very large, pretty much filling the entire width of the blog.
4)      Large Headers: most headers took up about 1/3 of the web page space, and very clearly stated the name of the blog.

What I am planning to do in the future:

1.       FONT – I want to change the entire font of the bulk of my text, to something more sophisticated and chic than Calibri. However, at the moment, I am writing my posts in Microsoft Word and then copying and pasting them into Blogger, the text is already formatted in that font, and so I’m not sure how to change the whole lot of it. I have a feeling this will involve some more HTML editing though, eek!
2.       ABOUT ME – I want to have a little icon and description this blog and me in at the top of the right hand margin.
3.       CUSTOM URL – I am tempted to buy my URL (it’s only $10) so it is memorable and professional. However, the typo in ScatterRBrained, would bug me so much, but I think it’s too late to go back now!
4.       MAKE IT LOOK BEAUTIFUL AND PROFESSIONAL – This is my end goal.

So, with an entire new look and atmosphere surrounding ScatterrBrained, I feel like its optimum time to also slightly change the direction of my blog. Of course, there will be the usual impromptu posts of whatever comes into mind and the ~bonus nuggets of knowledge~, but I also want to start to include more fashion/styling posts. The January sales mean that I have bought quite a few new items, so I finally feel content with my clothing. Thus, I am going to commence a new series on this blog, where I am going to post outfit’s of the days, or in my case, outfit of this Saturday. Why Saturday? Well the other 5 days of the week I wear school uniform, and on Sunday, I usually lounge around in whatever, so yeah. I’m currently thinking of a name for this series, perhaps Saturday Stylings, but not so lame?

So everyone, be honest, do you prefer this format or the old one with the brains? Comment below!

Thanks for your support!

Rebecca x

P.S. *you are probably wondering why it’s home improvements February, rather than January. Until the end of this month, I am ridiculously busy. By that I mean, biology, chemistry and physics exams, Arkwright exam, 2x maths mocks, 2x speeches to prepare for, all my resistant materials coursework in for next week (ARGH!) and two sets of music coursework to be completed by the end of the month, even though I haven’t even started my second composition yet. I honestly don’t know I’m wasting my time at the moment writing this post! I want to stick to posting on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday and Sunday, if there is a slight blogging hiatus, this is not because I have disappeared off the face of the earth. That is of course, unless I get abducted by aliens... 
P.P.S The HTML of this post is for some reason messed up too. Darn computers. 

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Tribute to my sister

The relationship that I have with my sister is quite unconventional, since she is a total of 7 years older than me. Also, I haven’t seen her very much the last 4 ish years because she went to university/ abroad. However, tomorrow, she is leaving the nest for the faraway land of the Scots, to live the rest of her life.
I am going to miss…
·         Playing double Diamond Dash and Bejewelled together on the iPad in order to achieve the high score.
·         Being able to play Plants Vs Zombies on your laptop
·         Being able to use your straighteners
·         Being part of the big butt society
·         Holidays together
·         Being able to annoy you at whatever time of day I want
·         Being able to annoy mum together
·         The money that you have, which you bought my Doc Martens with. I am eternally grateful!
·         Being able to use your nail polish
Obviously, being siblings does mean that we don’t always get on. Arguing is going to be a common occurrence, so
I am NOT going to miss…
·         You borrowing my clothes, jewellery, make up, shoes, everything…
·         The amount of hair you shed everywhere
·         You stealing the laptop
Now that you are gone, I can finally have the big room back. After 10 long years of waiting!
So, I hope you have fun on the oil rig with the dudes. Remember, oxidation is loss, reduction is gain of electrons!
Come back soon, and try not to get a Scottish accent.
Have fun with life then,

Rebecca x

Tag! You're it!

Here is this yet another pointless post, me answering some random questions and answers about me… fun times.
Roboco, Rebok, Wangsypoo, Wango, Mango, Banana, Becca, Becky, Bex etc.
But I always just stick with Rebecca. 
Self Portrait

Favourite subject?
Resistant materials. If you don’t know what that is, it is not just drilling/sawing/ planning/ sanding wood. It’s more than that… it’s a way of life. Nah, being serious, most design and technologies actually involve very little practical. We seem to spend most of our time drawing designs and learning theory, which I really enjoy. A close second would be chemistry and in third place would be another science or maths.
Albert Feleinstein returns with a chemistry joke! 
Wow, I'm such a nerd.

For more witty and banterous science jokes, I Can Haz Cheezburger has a extensive selection. 

Favourite drink?
I used to love drinking fruit juice - especially orange juice - but drinking so much from a young age has had a detrimental effect on my teeth (acidity). I do like some plain H2O most of the time (Wow, I’m literally so lame.) I am slowly warming up to (English) tea; I was never really a heavy tea drinker. Would soup count as a favourite drink? If so, I would say that potato and leek, or a warm rustic pumpkin soup etc. Mhmm…

Favourite band/artist?
I can vividly remember someone asking me this exact question when I was roughly 7 years old. I replied “Green Day”, even though I don’t think I had listened too much of their music. It may just have been because Green was my favourite colour at the time, and I thought that if I said a rock band, they would think I was cool. But throughout years after that occasion, I grew to love them, and they DID become my favourite band. I don’t really listen to them much more – they haven’t made a new album in sometime. 21st Century Breakdown was slightly disappointing compared to American Idiot, but they do have a Broadway musical which sounds awesome. As for now, I like too many bands and artists to just have one favourite. Go on my Facebook profile if you want to see a more extensive list of people I like.

What would you name your kids?
Hmm, good question. I have always liked names which are unusual/uncommon, but are known as being names. Being called Rebecca, I have always been in a class where there have been multiple people of the same name. I like names that are original, but aren’t so unique that no one can pronounce it. I like Evelyn for girls, Felix and Harrison for boys.

Any pets?
Well, we keep fish, but they are very, very, very old and most of the time, they are belly up… Fish suck, once they die, I don’t think we should look after them anymore. It must be quite monotonous swimming around a tank in circles whilst being blinded by a blasting light from above.

Favourite colour?
My favourite colour has changed several times in my lifetime so far. The first colour in my living memory that I can remember liking was blue, then turquoise, orange, purple, green and now I suppose my favourite colour is red maybe? Everything that I seem to currently to be buying/dying is red: school bag, ukulele, hair. However, my favourite group of colours would include burgundy, wine, navy, silver, black (even though not technically a colour).
This nebula pretty much sums up all my favourite colours. Pretty.

Favourite movie?
I like Moulin Rouge and Mulan / Aladdin or some other random Disney movies (they are my childhood!). It’s not my favourite movie, but I watched Ip Man the other day and it is a very good. I’m not really that knowledgeable when it comes to movie though, I don’t watch that many compared to most people!

Favourite year of life?
I have terrible memory, thus can’t really remember my younger years more that vividly, but that suggests to me that they mustn’t have been that interesting. My favourite year, by far, would’ve been year 9: 2010. It was a good year at school: good stable group of friends and it’s a bit of a pointless year as there are no major exams and most people doss around in lessons anyway since they aren’t going to pursue it to GCSE. The holidays were what made it though. In January, I went to Finland to visit my uncle and also go skiing which is always lovely, and then in Easter and summer, I met some of the best people I have ever known at camp, and made some truly awesome friends.

Favourite quote?
Live to eat, not eat to live. (I’m a fatty at heart)
Life goes on.

What type of phone do you have?
At this current moment none, since I have managed to lose my indestructible and terrible Nokia (argh!). I hope that my dad will now buy me a new phone. ;)

How tall are you?
"You're so short, you smell of feet!" I hear you cry.

I personally feel like all I seem to do on this blog is talk about me. I acknowledge that it is suppose to be my own personal creative space, but I feel like I end up always talking about my life, which really isn’t the interesting. However, I do like the concept of a “tag” game online, where basically you answer some questions, and then tag someone else to also respond to the questions. I would love to get to know all of you guys better too, so, I TAG:

And anyone else who wants to answer these questions in the comments!
Here are the questions complied together:
1.       Nicknames?
2.       Favourite subject?
3.       Favourite drink?
4.       Favourite band/artist?
5.       What would you name your kids?
6.       Any pets?
7.       Favourite colour?
8.       Favourite movie?
9.       Favourite year of life?
10.   Favourite quote?
11.   What type of phone do you have?
12.   How tall are you?
See you later, alligator,

Rebecca x
P.S. I hate writing these types of posts, as my life is boring, but I have serious writer's block!  

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Why YOU should join Glee Club.

This is going to be a blog post about why you, YES YOU, should join our glee club. (Unless you don’t go to my school, then that’s a slight hindrance/bummer.)

Q. Are you a Glee appreciation society?
A. No. We are not a Glee appreciation society. We are not associated with the Fox TV show in any way, shape or form, apart from sharing the same name. 
Q. Then what on earth are you, and what do you do?
A. We are basically choir, where we sing songs, mash ups and medleys.
In the past we have sung:
1)      Starlight by Muse, with a little bit of Firework by Katy Perry
This term we are planning to sing:
1)      SHREK MEDLEY, including the likes of
a.       All Star, by Smashmouth
b.      Funkytown by Lipps Inc.
c.       I’m a believer by The Monkees/ Smashmouth and Eddie Murphy
d.      Accidently in love by Counting Crows
Q. Who is it for?
A. Everyone! Glee is open to all years, from 7 to 13 for anyone interested in singing together in a choir.
1.       You get to sing super awesome songs. +1!
2.       You will become amazingly popular and famous (not guaranteed). +1!
3.       You will have fun. +1!
4.       You get to participate in the spring concert, thus get to miss lessons. +1!
5.       You will be fed cake at regular intervals. +1!
Q. But what if I hate the TV show “Glee”?
A. Again, as stated above, we are not affiliated with the TV show, Glee. We purely chose the name people “Glee” is an adjective which describes and feeling jubilant delight or euphoric pleasure, something that you will definitely experience if you come (!)
Q. But what if I can’t sing/ read music/ never heard of those songs/ am utterly tone deaf?
A. Not a problem, no sight-singing is required, as it will all be taught to you. The whole point of a choir is that it is a group of people singing together, so if you don’t think you sing very well, it doesn’t matter as you’ll be covered by everyone else.
Q. But what if I don’t want to /can’t dance?
A. No dancing ability is necessary, vastly because we won’t be doing any dancing, at all.
Q. But what if I’ve got exams *insert date*? I don’t have enough time.
A. Rehearsals for Glee are only 30 minutes long, I’m sure that you have at least that amount of time free each week. If you don’t, I seriously think you should reconsider what you are doing with your life.
Q. But what if singing is for losers? I’m too cool for glee club!
A. I bet you at least sing in the shower. Plus, if you read my blog, you can’t be that cool anyway, JOKES!

Have you ever wondered why you sound so much better singing in the shower?  Showers also have a great acoustic isolation - steam. The little drops of water in the air absorb the echoes from your singing, and make it sound a bit better. Usually bathrooms are tiled, adding a bit of reverb to your voice, which helps to mask a few of the mistakes.

Q. But where and when is it exactly?
(The one opposite the tech corridor)

So suppose now, you have no more excuses.
And if you don’t come, here is a funny video, which you can put on repeat, which will make yourself feel better when you are trying to forget the sorrow of missing the fantastic opportunity that is joining glee club.

So I guess I’ll see you there!

Rebecca x

P.S. I'm being deadly serious in this entire post. ;)
P.P.S. I've finally worked out how to use the youtube uploader woop!
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