Monday, 6 August 2012

Spiked headband - Topshop, necklaces - Claire's and China, crop top - H&M, rainbow shorts - Motel Rocks, shoes - Docs, denim shirt - vintage
I know what you are thinking: "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN REBECCA!"

I apologise for my unprecedented hiatus from the blogosphere; I have just not been motivated to write. However, fear not! Once every blue moon, I am in a strange essay writing mood and today is one of those occasions. Today I am going utilise this rare phenomenon which comes upon me to talk to you guys about this band I have been enjoying: alt-J! I usually keep these longer posts on my second blog (PeaaBrained), but I have a few things I want to tell you guys, so unlucky you!

The title of this post refers to a band that I've been digging. Known as "alt-J"or "∆", this band is really having a huge impact on the music industry as of lately, since they are being loved by a plethora of musical taste makers everywhere.

The name of their band refers to the delta sign that is created when you press alt-J on your keyboard. The delta sign (little triangle) is also a mathematical sign that symbolises change, which appealed to the band as the new name came at a turning point of their lives. I think this is awfully clever and it very much appeals to my nerdy tendencies, thus I automatically had a penchant for this band, even before I even heard their music.

As for their album "An Awesome Wave", I think it is a work of art. I have listened to their entire album during the duration of putting together this post and really reminds me to the album "XX" by "The XX" in 2009 (can you believe that it was that long ago? I know I can't!). My favourite parts of the album are actually the interludes and the nostalgic samples used. The hip-hop break beats, xylophone solos, falsetto harmonies and folky melodies are also a killer combination. As you can probably tell, I am truly terrible at describing music, so I encourage you to listen to the entire album below. If you are new to them, I recommend their lead single "Tessellate", but my personal favourite songs are "Dissolve" and "Interlude II".
I reckon that they are the most "indie"/"hipster" band in the history of ever, especially with lyrics such as "triangles are my favourite shapes" - even the name of the band is a triangle! With that being said, I hope that they have similar, commercial success as the moody emos that make up the XX. It's always fun to witness the irony when their elitist, hipster bubble is popped by the enticing lure of wealthy broadcasting companies and transnational car companies wanting their music for advertisements.

Now I've just gone off on a tangent and I think it is time to end this spiel as it's gone way off topic!


P.S. My brain is turning into mush after watching the entire series of "Revenge" in two days... It's just so good! Anyone else watch it? I love Nolan!
P.P.S. You may notice something different about my blog header and my YouTube background. My super cool friend Jack from "Desirous Designs" made it for me. Please check out his YouTube for more of his design portfolio. He's great at doing 3D graphics, backgrounds and making YouTube introductions, so if you are interested, just message him and tell him I sent you! :)
P.P.P.S Apparently on my last post, the video link somehow seemed to miraculously disappear, so I've fixed that problem! Here is an amended link to my "What's In My Bag" video.
P.P.P.P.S. The awesome Riley from had a great give away which I was very lucky to win! Check out her blog here.
P.P.P.P.P.S. This has been a weird post - apologies for the verbal vomit. I really am out of practise when it comes to blogging. I will post a more coherent post ASAP!


  1. I love your shorts and the way you style your hair! :)
    I'm definitely going to check out that band - from your description their music sounds like exactly what I like. And I too love witnessing 'indie' bands lose their integrity and their inevitable wailing of their fans who 'knew them before they were on the radio' xoxo

  2. I love the outfit! I'm going to check out that band now! Thank you . Iman xx

  3. cute shorts!! I saw Revenge in three days ;D. Can't wait for the next season!

  4. love this outfit! and your hair looks so cute i've been wanting to try this hairstyle but don't think it will suit me, looks great on you though! those shorts are amaze <3 x

  5. I love this whole outfit! Seriously, the hair, the shorts, the denim shirt. Just perfect :)

  6. nieeee shorts <333 *-*


  7. You've changed your header since I was last on your blog -it looks epic.
    These shorts are amazing, they are hands down some of the greatest brights in one piece I have seen all summer.

  8. I like this band :) gold medal x

  9. Cute shorts, love the headband

    Dakota at

  10. Those shorts are so cool!! Loving the new blog header!


  11. I love your shorts, they are so cool!

  12. I love your shorts and your headband! I thought that i should notfiy you that my blog is no longer called rose dust x, it is now called Fashion Rhapsody and is now under the domain

    Thanks for following me, Rose x

  13. Those shorts are absolutely perfect, so cool! xxx

  14. cute outfit, love your headband and shorts <3

  15. Alt J are so good!
    Also I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award

  16. aww so cute! I love this, shorts especially :) also loving alt-j and revenge too! Had them on repeat for weeks now, and they're great live! xx

  17. ahhh your shorts look so cute, as does your hair! love love love alt-j atm! x

  18. awww! you are too cute, miss scatterbrains! x

  19. Wow! I am in love with your style! You also have an exceptional taste in music! I love the awesome symmetry in your photos; if you wouldn't mind me asking, how do you do it? It looks very professional :)

  20. I love love love your style it's so inspiring, what camera do you use?x


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