Sunday, 8 January 2012

Whip It Real Good

Cousin Itt always had the best hair
I’m going to write an entire post about my hair. Conceit and pointless? Yes. Oh well, it’s my blog muahaha. My blogging powers are sensing that it’s going to be a long one today, to make up for the lack of posts in the last few days! Sozboz.
At the moment:
Currently, my hair is just past the boob area, with some long layers and a long fringe – both of which have pretty much grown out. The most noticeable feature of my hair is that I have ombréd (NOT DIP DYED) the ends of my hair, fading from my chinny chin chin downwards, getting more and more red further down you go. I didn’t bleach my hair, so it’s a subtle red, but quite prominent at the same time if that makes sense?


I was inspired by the massive ombré trend which was huge last year, but more importantly by these bloggers:
·         Le Happy (obviously!)

·         Another blogger who I can’t seem to find, but she had the most amazing hair :( Sad times. But all I remember is that she was asian, with blonde ombre which she dyed red with manic panic.

N.B. I had this hair way before the likes for… (kind of ironic as so many people have ombre hair anyway)
1.       Snooki (whoever she is!)

2.       And Jessie J (Even though it was just extensions)

Just like to add how much I love her outfit with the disco pants and bright red creepers. I want them. 

At the moment, I actually really like it for once, but I am very tempted to change it up. This is because I am encountering some annoying problems.
1.       SPLIT ENDS: The first and probably most obvious problem would be that constantly dying your hair in the same area (the ends in this case, which are most fragile since they are the oldest part of your hair) leads to inevitable damage. Now, I do not have lots of split ends compared to the major of people who dye their hair, but it’s the fact that I have split ends at all which is annoying me. I had never had a single split end in my life until year 9, when I touched by first home hair dying kit. Now I look down and I see so many, it’s heartbreaking! Okay, slight exaggeration, but I don’t like it. 

2.       LONGEVITY: Having dyed hair – especially brightly unnatural coloured hair – is never going to stay in hair permanently, unless they make some sort of chemical breakthrough in hair dying technology (possible career path?). This results keeping hair washing to a minimum, otherwise the colour will be gone in a flash. Being a teenager who cares about personal hygiene, this is a problem. 

3.       KNOTTY NUISANCE: I rarely brush my hair through, resulting with the back of my hair becoming more and more matted. I’m surprised that it hasn’t started dread-locking. This is probably not helping the split end problem. 

4.       COPYCATS: It’s not that I’m getting bored with this hair, but so many lower years are in my school are dip-dying their hair.  Most aggravating is that they only do about 2 inches of a colour at the end of their hair and leave the rest hair natural, thus looking absolutely ridiculous, since there is a harsh line. Furthermore, more stupid year whatevers, dying the ends of their hair different colours means that teachers are going to notice this trend and try to eradicate it, resulting in me getting probably having to get rid of my redness as well. 

Because of these 3 reasons I am very tempted to change up my hair in either of these ways:
Verdict. Yes/No
Get a fringe
I currently love the look of a slightly long piecey fringe which skims over your eyes and splits in the middle.

Rebecca from “Painting the Roses Black” LOVE HER BLOG

I am also loving Zooey Dechanel’s fringe too.
I realised that I hate having hair in my face, plus my forehead would become so ridiculously spotty if I were to do so, so that’s that idea off the list.
Bob time!
They look so edgey and yummy, plus I feel that long hair makes me even shorter (if that is even possible!). You’d also save a fortune on shampoo and conditioner.
Alexa Chung

Arizona Muse

I would miss my long hair at this moment in time, plus growing it out would be a bum so

So I suppose my hair is going to stay the same for the moment being. This doesn’t rule out those options for the future though.

Enough about me, here are some of my more general musings about hair (Yes I am being serious).
I find it really quite interesting how there are always trends in hair styles in school which come and go. Here are the most obvious ones I have notice.
The girls:
In secondary school, there is one prominent hair style: long with a far side parting and side-swept fringe. An interesting thing which I have noticed is that in the UK, the messier and more backcombed the hair is, the better, whilst on the other side of the Atlantic, the Americans much rather favour a sleek, poker straight look.

I don't own a hairbrush.
The boys:
A few years ago (and still in some schools) the Bieber look of having helmet hair was all the rage. Low and behold, just as the Biebster opted for a shorter hairstyle, this is being emulated within the classrooms of our nation.  Now it has evolved into a short back-and-sides style with a longer fringe, which I can’t say I dislike. 
Going for the chop!

This is a truly pointless website, but it’s a guilty pleasure of mine.  Here are some rather embarrassing screenshots of some of the hairstyles I tried on.

Here is a selection of hair related songs to tickle your fancy.
1.       Lady Gaga: Hair
2.       Regina Spektor: Samson

3.       Willow Smith: Whip My Hair 

Lastly for this post, I would like to condone you for reading an entire post on me over analysing filamentous biomaterial sprouting out of your head. (Sounds ridiculous thinking back!)  I hope you haven’t lost too many brain cells whilst reading this post. I’m going to leave you with one last nugget of knowledge to compensate for the absolutely superficial post.

Did you know that the quills or spines of a Porcupine are actually hairs? They are modified hairs with thick plates of keratin which are embedded into the skin’s musculature.

Keep calm and have good hair,

Rebecca x
P.S. Blogspot please update your video uploader, having to post links to Youtube videos is becoming rather tedious!
P.P.S I will blog more regularly promise!
P.P.P.S More regular shorter blog posts or better, more indepth but longer and less regular posts like this one? What's you opinion? In the end you're reading it, not me.


  1. I like the long ones personally :) and my split ends never go away!

  2. LOL I quite enjoyed reading this, but perhaps that is because I'm a girl and I have hair, but yeah, more regular, longer posts :D

  3. Ahaha, yes that is true and argh both long and regular posts? that means more work, but oh well, who cares about revision? ;)

  4. ahaha mango you god, these are so cool!

    1. cheers anon! Leme guess, is this ruth?? :D

  5. wango, i like the long ones :D hehe, and the bit about your split ends is soo true (not that i'm saying you have loads of split ends, its your reaction to them :p) also, the bob would be cool! so yeah, long ones ;) but more regularly! guess who this is, and yeah the last one was so obviously ruth!


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