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I am so hipster like - Nebulae

As you can probably tell from the header above this post, I am a huge fan of nebula print things. However, this is soon becoming associated with the youth sub-culture, that is being a "hipster". A few years ago it would be used to describe shorts/pants that sit low on your pelvis, but "today, the term is predominantly used as a pejorative label to describe someone who outwardly seeks nonconformity through niche consumerism and boycott against mainstream culture.", according to knowyourmeme.com.

This subculture is not to be confused with other mainstream-loathing, artistic elitist stereotypes, such as being "indie" or "scene", but they are much the same. They say they are against following trends and feel that they are above the norm by expressing their "individuality", when in reality, ironically, they all seem to dress/act in a same fashion. For example for hipsters, they to all seem to coincidentally have a soft spot for, triangles, galaxy print, messy hair, moustaches and Rayban Wayfarer glasses.
This post is going to be focused on galaxy print, and more specifically: nebulae.
A nebula is a cloud interstellar gas and dust. Some nebulae are the remnants of a supernova explosion, when in other cases are gravity-induced condensations of gases, which may lead to the formation of a star.

Pretty cool video eh? We made it in Physics.

Anyway, back to what we were talking about, there are 5 main types of nebulae:
  1. Cold clouds that reflect light from nearby stars are reflection nebulae.
  2. The Trifid Nebula is an example of a reflection nebulae.
  3. Hot, ionising clouds that glow their own light are known as emission nebulae
  4. The Orion Nebula is an example of an emission nebula
  5. Cold clouds that absorb passing light from background stars are known as dark nebulae.
  6. The Horsehead Nebula is an example of a dark nebula.
  7. Shells of gas produced by a star near the end of its life cycle is known as a planetary nebulae.
  8. The Cat's Eye Nebula is an example of a planetary nebula.
  9. When a supernova at the end of a star's life and a large amount of matter is blown into space, this matter glows with the remains of the star, and is know as a supernova remnant.
  10. The Crab Nebula is an example of a supernova remnant
The main reason why I think they are so beautiful is because of the glowing colours produced by different gases: nitrogen (red), hydrogen (green), oxygen (blue), and helium (violet). It is also quite extraordinary to even start to comprehend just the vast scale of these interstellar clouds, and just the fact that these amazing images actually exist in space.

Nebula Print in Clothing
After Christopher Kane's 2011 Spring/Summer pre-collection with a variety of space printed garments, this has been a popular trend among fashion blogs and of course, in the infamous tumblr. I am obviously a huge fan of this trend because if it is done well, it can look amazing, but it can easily end up looking really tacky and cheap.
The awesome Alexa Chung rocking two Christopher Kane dresses
Left to right:
  • Jeffery Campbell - Cosmic Litas
  • Romwe - Mysterious Universe Assymetrical skirt
  • DIY black wedges
  • DIY black Vans
  • Christopher Kane chiffon shirt
  • Black Milk - Galaxy Blue leggings
Auf Wiedersehen,

Rebecca x
P.S. I am seriously falling behind with my write a blog post every other day commitment. I am trying but it takes me so long to write and edit a post - one hour minimum! Sorry guys, but I have GCSEs. :( 

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