Saturday, 24 March 2012

New acoustic/folky/indie live music

I have recently just been getting way more into my music, since I have just started using Spotify again. Despite being thoroughly annoyed about the fact that they have put a 5 times play limit on every song, I have been exploring some new artists.

I usually listen to the radio most often, but currently I am really liking Youtube channels that do sessions with artists. Two that I have been thoroughly enjoying are the Mahogany Sessions and the Black Cab Sessions. There is something about these sessions that are so raw, intimate and awesome, as the artists are pretty much stripped back to just voice and an accompanying instrument. They are also mostly folky/indie bands/artists. I still do like a good electro/house/drum and bass track, but as of lately, I have been on a folk kick. This is not all the folky artists that I like by any means, but here are just some I have discovered/rediscovered over the last week and some live songs that they have performed.

New artists I have discovered within the last week
These are some artists that are new on the scene, or just new to me.
  • I have been slightly obsessing over Johnny Flynn over the last week. Favourites so far include Barnacled Worship and Tickle Me Pink. He is probably the most stereotypically English boy you could ever come across. Below is a really old video of him playing "Wayne Rooney" to two very lucky girls in a Black Cab Session. 
  •  I heard of Oh Land a few weeks ago from the same person who introduced me to Johnny Flynn and I am so glad I have come across her in my life. This Danish girl's music reminds me of twinkling lights and so charming.
  • Lianna La Havas was shortlisted in the BBC Sound of 2012 list and I think she is delightful. I love her fashion sense and her performance on Later Live by Jools Holland was honestly stellar. 
  •  I discovered Marques Toliver from simply clicking on a random Mahogany session video. He has so much soul in his voice and he is also an awesome violinist, with that as his sole accompanying instrument.
  • I must admit I only just discovered Kyla la Grange earlier today, but I think she is really beautiful and local - sort of! She's from Watford that is quite exciting. I need to listen to some more of her music.
Old favourites
  • I think you guys probably all know I am pretty much in love Lykke Li since she is one of my favourite artists ever. Here is her in a cab singing I'm Good, "I'm Gone", with her backing accordian player and sleigh bells. 
  • I know I shouldn't really mention Jamie N Commons and "The Preacher" again, as I've already mentioned this song in a post before, but this live Mahogany Session version of it is mental. He has a beast of a voice.
  • Coco Sumner is my girl crush. I really hope I Blame Coco come back sometime soon, and make some more awesome tunes like "Self Machine" 
Talk to you later,

Rebecca x

P.S. I know that very few people are interested in my music related posts, but I find them really enjoyable to compile, and it's something I am really passionate about.
P.P.S. I mention this in every post, but I'm sorry for slacking on the posts. I've been terrible, but it's soon Easter meaning more time to write.

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