Thursday, 12 January 2012

Tribute to my sister

The relationship that I have with my sister is quite unconventional, since she is a total of 7 years older than me. Also, I haven’t seen her very much the last 4 ish years because she went to university/ abroad. However, tomorrow, she is leaving the nest for the faraway land of the Scots, to live the rest of her life.
I am going to miss…
·         Playing double Diamond Dash and Bejewelled together on the iPad in order to achieve the high score.
·         Being able to play Plants Vs Zombies on your laptop
·         Being able to use your straighteners
·         Being part of the big butt society
·         Holidays together
·         Being able to annoy you at whatever time of day I want
·         Being able to annoy mum together
·         The money that you have, which you bought my Doc Martens with. I am eternally grateful!
·         Being able to use your nail polish
Obviously, being siblings does mean that we don’t always get on. Arguing is going to be a common occurrence, so
I am NOT going to miss…
·         You borrowing my clothes, jewellery, make up, shoes, everything…
·         The amount of hair you shed everywhere
·         You stealing the laptop
Now that you are gone, I can finally have the big room back. After 10 long years of waiting!
So, I hope you have fun on the oil rig with the dudes. Remember, oxidation is loss, reduction is gain of electrons!
Come back soon, and try not to get a Scottish accent.
Have fun with life then,

Rebecca x


  1. awwww i bet you're gonna miss her loads!! x)

  2. ahha, errr... At least I get her room yipeee ;)

  3. swear down u cheat or you are some next level god at bejewelled.

  4. n'aaaaaw you wango ;)


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