Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Arty Farty

Since I didn't take Art GCSE, there aren't that many chances to express my own creativity. The good thing about half term, is that I have more time to do things that I normally wouldn't have to do - being creative is one of these things. It is quite a time consuming activity, so usually end up starting something and never finishing it. Today, however, I thought it was time I changed this and actually finished some of the "projects" that I have started in the past.

 I started drawing this on MS Paint on my laptop during a 14 hour plane journey to China last year, as I was honestly so bored. I just copied this model from my magazine very tediously using the touch pad. I never finished the rest of her body though, so I did that today. I made up the shoes, as I've lost the magazine I copied it from, but I think black and white brogues work quite well.

This is a pencil drawing of Daniel, which I started more than a year ago. It's of a photograph I took of him, but I have since then, lost it the image, so I just made up his clothes and half his hands.  I was going to do a background to it, but I got lazy and gave up. The more I look at it, the worse it is... I wasn't sure if I was going to even upload it, but oh well. I wish I was better at drawing.

So those are two things that I completed today. As I was searching them up, I came across these Tim Burton Mad Hatter inspired images that I did with MP. I'm actually happy with how they turned out, I really want to do something like that again - my face painting skills must be getting a bit rusty!
The Making Process

I forgot how epic the eyebrows were


Rebecca x


  1. I agree with the comment on the eyebrows ;)

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    1. Thanks! I like the name of your blog too! :)


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