Sunday, 4 March 2012

To the left, then to the right

Handband - Topshop, Shirt - Vintage, T-shirt - Primark
I now realise why there  are so many GIFs on tumblr, it's because they are honestly so fun to make! Here's one I made quickly on my phone - I was originally taking pictures just to show off my hair as I thought it looked cool, but then I decided to put on the negative setting. It kind of makes me look like some kind of freaky albino lady - I like it. I'm not too sure what exactly I am doing with my lips, but I thought it looked funny so hey, why not!? Try doing what I am doing in the picture, in time with the picture, with your own lips. Go on, try it, it's quite fun.

Anyway, I do acknowledge that this is a rather pointless post -they really have done downhill recently. I just haven't been that inspired by anything, apart from clothes, but I know not everyone is that interested those kinds of post. My life has be dreary and uneventful at the moment, so I don't have anything exciting to blog about. All I seem to do is waste time on my laptop, doing nothing productive when I have mounds of homework that require completing - exactly what I am doing at the moment. This is were I would like some help from you...

I've decided that I'm doing to do a questions and answers post, where you can ask me any sort of question you like, below this post in the comments section, and I will hopefully compile them together into one post next week. You can send them in anonymously too if you wish, so I suppose in that aspect, it'll be like Formspring, but on Blogger, so get asking! The more risque and thought-provoking the better! I bet this is going to be a flop and I am going to look thoroughly loser-ish if no one comments with anything, but oh well.

Tah-tah for now,

Rebecca x


  1. is there anything you want to do as a boy, but can't cos you're a girl?

  2. Who would you say your favourite person in the whole world is? (fiona fiona fiona fiona fiona)

  3. any views on what its going to be like in 1000 years? HINT: are you thinking Wall.E or something along the Star Wars line? x


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