Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Cool Findings of the Interwebz

Time to take a break from the hair posts, and present to you some cool things I have encountered on the internet over the past week or so.

Jeff Buckley- Grace (BBC Late Show)
Grace is one of the set works which you have to learn about in the GCSE music course. I do like quite a lot of the pieces, but this is the only one that I would truly listen to for my own choice. I was just searching it up on Youtube for some further listening and found this version of it. His performance is generally so intense and amazing, plus it’s pretty hilarious when he lifts his hands up when his is said to also share his father’s “extraordinary vocal elasticity”, at 00.28. Shame both father and son had such early deaths, we can only imagine what great music they would’ve produced.

Lykke Li & Bon Iver doing 'Dance Dance Dance' in L.A
Lykke Li is one of my favourite female artists, along with Florence & the Machine and Regina Spektor. She with Bon Iver (match made in heaven!) simply jamming and dancing in the street with their sleigh bells, kazoo and accordion is so organic and delightful. I remember seeing this video a few years ago, it’s only recently I just rediscovered it from Jazz’s blog, which may I say is absolutely beautiful – I wish I could produce such amazing illustrations!

This is a beautiful blog by a beautiful girl, but I especially love this blog post. Her hair is so striking, even Arial from The Little Mermaid would be jealous!

Go Beyond The Cover: Behind the Scenes
A very simple, yet effective advert, where Zombie Boy (a man covered with head to toe tattoos) has his entire body of tattoos covered with some concealer, inciting ideas about “judging a book by its cover. I find it really interesting, and is it odd I find him kind of attractive?!
I first found this video on OogleMakeup’s blog, probably one of the eloquently written and insightful blogs dedicated to make up and beauty. My favourite posts of her’s are usually about consumerism and the beauty industry as a whole, as they are so often very thought provoking about society’s perception of beauty.

That’s it! I really do hope you look at some of the videos/pictures I have linked, as I find them so interesting!
Toodle pip,

Rebecca x


  1. AAAH the Zombie Boy is so cool!!!

  2. ikr, really interesting how you're perception of someone can change so much though if you saw him without the tattoos!! ive got another post coming tomorrow so stay tuned! It's going to be a similar post to this :D x


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