Now, since my blog is still in its infancy and is quite small, I have not accumulated enough (or in fact any) question to create a FAQ. Thus instead of weeping in sorrow, I have made up some questions that I am going to ask myself - yes, I am that lame.

Seldom asked questions:
"What is my ethnicity?"
I am 100% Chinese: Chinese Stereotypes Tag.

"Why did I start this blog?"
Check out my first ever post about why I started this blog - my objectives in blogging have still pretty much remained the same since then: Oh gosh, what have I signed myself up to?

"Why is my blog called "ScatterrBrained"?"
Why is Bob your uncle? Ahaha, I am so not funny. Okay, back to the question, I have an entire post addressing this question so check it out here: Origin of ScatterrBrained.

Ah, that was fun wasn't it? If you have any pressing questions you wish for me to answer on this page, hit me up in the comments section.



  1. Hi Rebecca, just love your blog! It's amazing. Just wondering if you are on Twitter or have an email address I can get in touch on? Would love to chat to you about something.

    1. Hey Jayne! I forgot to mention, my email is scatterrbrained@googlemail.com!

  2. Oh hai! Hahah, we were chatting on YT and you subscribed to me the other day! Then I saw you on the Little Magpie's blog! Haha, that's so weird! x

  3. 3 questions? Obviously you're not as frequently asked as the title suggests... :')


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