Sunday, 11 November 2012


Beanie - Topshop, dungarees - Topshop, shoes - Doc Martens, crazy waistcoat - charity shop, necklaces - China and Claire's
Dungarees have always had a place in my heart. Despise not being the most feminine item of clothing I own, but who cares as it's not like I ever dress to impress anyone anyway.These dungarees were only £16 from the Topshop sale and they were destined to be mine since they were a petite size 8. I actually have another pair of dungarees too, featured in this post, but they are far too small now to wear - I'm thinking of opening a bigcartel shop or something to get rid of some of my old clothes and earn some money since getting a job is completely out of the option now as I am so ridiculously busy.

Another thing is that I am actually getting so bored of my hair now since it is getting so long now - the ombre used to start at my chin! Should I get it or leave it long?

Can you guys do a huge favour for me? It would be awesome if you could go like my Young Enterprise Facebook group. Even though we cannot trade through the internet (I know so lame) but having the likes really does help us towards this competition for YE where number of likes is one of the criteria. Thank you!

Also thank you so much for checking and reading my blog - I've hit 200 followers now yipee! Also a huge thanks to the Boots Treat Street blog for featuring one of my outfits!

Talk to you later,
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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Double Tights

Chokers - Claire's, tops - H&M and DIY tights!, belt - charity shop, skirt - River Island, socks - Urban Oufitters, shoes - Office
Pretty much half this outfit is made from tights! The top is actually made from a pair of tights that I cut up and I got the idea from Tigerlily's blog. Lydia has also just posted a post featuring this too and both girls look so awesome and lovely in their outfits, so please check them out! It is actually so easy to make this top and I just want to chop up all my tights now and make them into crop tops - I think it would look really good with a pair of lace tights, so that is what I am going to do next.

Anyway, my life has been pretty boring as of recently. I have not been invited to any Halloween parties this year which sucks balls as I love dressing up, so I just stayed in. I don't usually enjoy Halloween at home as in my area, it is usually just an excuse for delinquents in my town to be antisocial, but luckily they were rained off.

I can't believe it is getting so dark so early now (pitch black before 5.00pm!). This means there is literally no way I can blog during the school week which is so annoying as I can never get good lighting indoors. My garden is also looking so drab compared to how it looked during the summer, such as in this post with all the roses!

Also, I literally have so much homework to finish tomorrow :'( - A levels sucks - so I better get back to it. See you guys in another post.

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