Wednesday, 7 March 2012

What I would do if I was a guy with boy parts

This is the eagerly anticipated response to my post on Sunday asking you guys for some random questions for me to answer. Surprisingly, I managed to have 3 questions asked, which is 3 more than I expected therefore I am very happy! Thank you to all my regular readers - you know who you are! You're awesome.

Question 1:
 Hello there Andy! And that is a good question - I have put alot of thought into this and there would probably be so many things that I would do if I was a boy. You hear alot of talk about gender equality but to be honest, having an XY chromosome makes a huge difference to if you have an XX chromosome, simply because we biologically built differently, so it would be stupid if we were all treated 100% the same.

All of that aside, the first thing I would do if I miraculously turned into a guy, I would put my hands down my pants. BEFORE you all judge me for being crude and disgusting, this is not to do what I can imagine what you are thinking that I would do!
Yes it's the return of Dwayne, the common chav. Fo'shizzle. Check him out in my previous post!
Many of my male friends have told me on various occasions that it is quite warm down there, hence why they always seem to have their hands down their pants, NOT doing what may be commonly assumed. I'm not too sure if I 100% believe this, so if I had the opportunity, I would like to experiment and see for myself!

Question 2:
 Hi "Anonymous" commenter! How are you today? Now, this is a tricky question, but if I had to pick someone in the whole world it would obviously be...

...FIONA, Princess Fiona from Shrek!
I worship thee.
Honestly, she is just such an inspirational fictional character, with such a big heart! She gives up her delicate, feminine beauty to become a grotesque green ogre for all eternity, simply because she is in love with one herself, and willing to make that selfless sacrifice. Also she is an expert in hand-to-hand combat with knowledge of Japanese martial arts, so she could also woop your arse. All in all, I think she is such a positive role model for everyone out there, and I love her so much. To show my dedication towards her, I am even forcing my Glee Club to sing a Shrek medley to celebrate her sheer godly-ness.

Question 3: 
 Yo MP! Oooh, good question, and to be honest, I don't think I have a straight answer. If you think back to what civilisation was like back in 1012, it is so completely different to what it was like now, so I cannot even imagine what it would be like in 3012. I doubt what happened in Wall.E would ever happen in reality, although I can imagine natural disasters exacerbated by global warming causing severe devastation to the planet - perhaps even a supervolcanic eruption? And as for Star Wars? I'm going to embarrass myself and say that I have never watched it before, but if we all end up with light-sabres, that would be cool. One of my favourite TV shows - Futurama - is set in the 3000s, and if the world ends up anything like it did in the television series, I would be happy.

Rebecca x
P.S. I might make this a monthly feature on my blog, so if you want me to answer anymore questions, post them below in the comments section, and I'll most probably feature them in a future post. :)


  1. you can experiment down my pants if you wish

    1. okay... that's kinda creepy.... and disturbing... xD

    2. Two additional questions:
      What is or what has been your favorite book, some Disney? And have you ever had a pet? If so, what was his/hers name? :p

      Also as a sidenote I've been wondering what is the best internet service in the uk? I think you use British Telecom or something?


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