Monday, 29 October 2012

With all this Sinsemilla, you are really spoiling me

Beanie - sister's, t-shirt - Hot Chip x Stussy, leather look leggings - ASOS, platform loafers - Office, denim shirt - vintage
I'm actually so happy how these pictures have turned out, especially the first one. I like how I managed to get a reflection off my glass slidey door. There is also so much PVC in this outfit, I love it.

Firstly, I would like to talk about my amazing platform loafers that I got off the ASOS sale for a bargainous £15.00 plus £3.50 shipping. I first saw them on one of my favourite blogs "Bell's Fashion" who is such a lovely girl and has amazing style, plus also happens to be one of the first followers of my blog. When I saw that there was stock in my shoe size, I snapped them up immediately as she styles them so well. I got a European size 36, which is slightly to large since they feel like a size 3.5, when I am definitely size 3, but that was easily solved by putting in a pair of insoles. I completely agree with Helena when I say it feels like I am walking on air and I am definitely going to find it hard not wear them with every outfit since they just look so awesome. They also give me some much needed height which is also a bonus.

Secondly, I am sporting this awesome t-shirt which I won off an online competition. The task was to find out what song from Hot Chip's album "In Our Heads" was the lyric printed on the shirt was from, so I took on the challenge, listened to the entire album (which I may add is brilliant) and found out that it was from the song "Let Me Be Him", which also happened to be my favourite song from the album. I don't know why, but for some reason, I think that the song really sounds similar to "The Fear", by Lily Allen with it's production. I just love this t shirt so much as it's a Hot Chip t-shirt and I love them. I got a medium which I thought would be slightly over-sized, but it is actually ridiculously humongous, but I think I can make it work.

I am going to leave you with something Alexis Taylor said in an interview with Pitchfork about his lyrics in this album which I found quite interesting as I am often very intrigued with the creative process that goes into writing an aural masterpiece:
"Actually, with this album, I felt a freedom to use words without them having to have a logical meaning at all. That was partly inspired by listening to Joe's demo of the track 'Let Me Be Him' and really liking the sound of all the words, and wondering what the song was about. I asked Joe, and he said it was more like a phonetic thing, and then making out what those words were after. That made sense to me."
Ciao Dahlings,

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P.S. I've been so stupid for so long - I didn't realise you could turn off word verification  so I would just to  apologise to everyone who has had to endure filling in those ridiculous word verification words! You guys can now comment all you want now with the distress of having to deciphier cryptic  codes. 

Saturday, 20 October 2012


Vintage shirt - Brick Lane, top and belt - Charity shop, leather-look shorts - local shop, cowboy hat - China, boots - Doc Martens
This outfit is 100% inspired by the western/vintage/witchy/gypsy vibes I get from Madeline's blog "Jean Greige". It is also slightly inspired by the girls from Haim with  the cowboy hat and having my hair down and slightly unruly.

Also on the topic of music, I've not had time to write an entire post dedicated on new music, but of recent, I have been loving Django Django's self titled album, Sundark and Riverlight by Patrick Wolf, Willy Moon, Stealing Sheep and AlunaGeorge in general, as well as eagerly awaiting the Villager's new album - I think it's going to be a good one!

Back to the outfit, the cowboy hat was from my holiday last year in China and it is so awesome - I should start wearing it out. I literally love this shirt so much (first featured in this post way back in June), but the one problem is that it is really quite fragile since it is very old, so I don't want to wear it too much, but I felt it was due time for it to have another feature on my blog.

In my life, school is really starting to get on top of me as expected, hence the sporadic posts. However, it is half term soon which I am looking forward to so much. I am going to go to Rhiannon or Fashionrocksmysocks' meet up on Saturday 3rd November in London, so it would be great if any of you guys were going, we could meet up too. :)

Anyway, must start my homework.

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P.S. The title of the post is suppose to be a pun for the fact I look like a Chinese cowgirl... I know it's terrible..

Monday, 8 October 2012

Sixth Form Outfit 1: Spanner in the Works

Blazer - Mum's, jumper and shoes - M&S, shirt - charity shop 
In my last post ("Going for the Jugular"), asked you guys whether you would be interested in seeing some of the outfits I wear to sixth form and some of you guys said yes, so everyday, I am going to post whatever I am wearing to this blog! Before I get into this actual outfit, I'd like to first mention what our sixth form dress code actually is. Some people say that our dress code is really relaxed, but others think it is quite strict. You guys can judge for yourselves.
We have to wear:
  1. A blazer and matching bottoms
  2. A shirt/blouse with a collar
We are not allowed to wear:
  1. Any sort of denim or jeans
  2. Leggings 
  3. Any "stretchy-material" skirts
  4. Clothes that are too revealing. 
As you can probably tell, I am already breaking quite a few rules in this outfit, but teachers like me so it's okay. I am wearing the illegal leggings, mainly because it is literally so cold and raining outside today (yes I took these photos in the rain!). I am also not wearing matching top and bottoms. My friends like point out that whenever I wear this outfit, that it looks like I'm not wearing any skirt at all, but in fact I am wearing a black body-con skirt from H&M - another illegal item. This is because I am pretty short and the blazer with the jumper are pretty bulky anyway, so if I were to wear a proper skirt, I would look like I was drowning in my outfit. 

Also, just like to talk about the title of this post - "Spanner in the Works". It is in reference to the first line in the song "Moscow State Circus" by Eugene McGuinness. In fact, yesterday's post title ("Going for the Jugular") is also a lyric from one of his songs. I have a penchant for idioms and am also so obsessed with his music, so I am going to continue with using his lyrics for song titles as I think he's a genius. Also, I had technology today and used a spanner so I thought it was vaguely appropriate. 

Anyway, must dash to my violin lesson - cheerio,

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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Going for the Jugular

Spiked headband - Topshop, necklaces - Claire's & Topshop, cardigan - friend's, dress - charity shop, boots - Pascals Doc Martens
This outfit was probably one of the most awkward outfits to take photos of, as one my neighbour's son/daughter was having a bouncy castle birthday party, so they would keep bouncing up and down, looking at me and think "what on earth is she doing?". However, it did make me feel a bit nostalgic as when I when I was 7, I had a bouncy castle birthday party in my garden too!

I do realise that this outfit is pretty similar to this outfit here, but I felt bad for being such a terrible blogger, thus I've deemed it acceptable to repeat some items of clothing in posts. Also excuse the puffy face - I took these photos just after I woke up and after some quick googling, I have found out that this is due to fluid retention and continued pressure on the face during sleep.

There are two main reason why I haven't been very regular with my blog post, firstly being the fact that school is major busy and full on basically all the time, so I have no time to take outfit posts during the week days. Because I seem to put in so much effort working out what to wear everyday now being in sixth form, during the weekends I just feel like wearing something boring, casual and not blog worthy. However, I am enjoying the freedom of not having a uniform to wear to school, so would you guys be interested in seeing some of my sixth form outfits?

The second reason for the lack of blog posts is because I've just not really acquired any new clothes recently as I don't have any time to go shopping! However, seeing that I now have so many outfit posts up, I think I might just repeat some of the clothes I have, but style them in a different way.

Saying that, this cardigan was actually new though. My friend OW gave it to me and I'm so glad as it is amazingly soft due to the angora in it. However, one major problem is that it literally sheds everywhere which is annoying as everything gets super fluffy and linty. It's nonetheless very awesome so thanks to OW for giving it to me.

In other news in the world of me is that I HAVE TWITTER (YIPPEE :D) - follow me @ScatterrBrained I've had this account for a long time, but I have no idea why I have used to earlier as it's amazing. I am literally so addicted to it, plus I think it's great as I can now interact with you guys on a more regular basis.

Ciao dahlings,

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P.S. Revenge has also returned to US TV which has made me so happy as it's possibly one of my favourite TV dramas of all time! So many secrets yet to be uncovered, I'm so excited to see how everything unravels.
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