Saturday, 31 December 2011

Origin of ScatterrBrained

In the style of Stripeytofu ;), I’m going to explain to you why on earth I chose the name of ScatterrBrained for my blog.
Unfortunately, my story is not as exciting as his, as it all started a few nights ago as I was lying in bed. I know I do my best thinking whilst lying in bed, don’t you? I was thinking of names for my blog, and for a few reasons I thought ScatterrBrained would be super awesome. You have probably worked out that I LOVE writing lists by now.
1. The adjective scatterbrained describes someone who is exhibiting or characterised by lack of serious thought or concentration; disorganised; silly. It’s a slight oxymoron, but I hope that having this blog will make me less disorganised as I can plan everything out on here. It can be something that I can concentrate and work on and it will be something that I can be proud of. I also hope that it can make me less silly, but doubt that will happen. +1!

2. In ScatterrBrained, there is CAT within sCATter. We all know that cat’s are super awesome animals, duhh! +1!
3. In ScatterrBrained, there is SCAT within SCATter. Scatting is vocal improvisation with wordless vocables, nonsense syllables or without words at all. Scat singing gives singers the ability to sing improvised melodies and rhythms, to create the equivalent of an instrumental solo using their voice, in jazz. +1!
4. In ScatterrBrained, there is BRAIN within BRAINed. The brain is the centre of the nervous system and is also the most complex organ in the body. That makes it undoubtedly super awesome. +1!

Did you know that primitive invertebrates such as sponges, jellyfish, sea squirts and starfishes do not have brain? I bet you didn’t. ;)
5. CAT and BRAIN together, reminds me of zombie cats, which in my head leads to connotations of Plants verses Zombies, possibly one of my favourite games ever, and the zombie cats which were on Misfits a few episodes, which is my favourite TV show.
Super awesome! +1! LEVEL UP!!!

Last summer, I was so very close to starting a blog, however, I could not think of any sort of name for it whatsoever. I do acknowledge that the name is far from perfect (the double r in Scatterr is already severely annoying the hell out of me!), despite all the reasons why it is a super awesome name. It’s rather mundane, but creating a blog was something that I didn’t want to put off for any longer. Having no name was no longer an excuse, thus I created this blog ScatterrBrained and here we are now.
My blog summarised in 3 images.
See you suckers.
Rebecca x
Always ScatterrBrained
P.S. To christen my blog’s birth, I am going to do BEDTW. In case you don’t know what BEDTW is, I’m going to Blog Every Day This Week. At the end of the week there is going to be something truly awesome, which I haven’t thought of yet, but I will do something really cool, I promise. :D

Friday, 30 December 2011

Oh gosh, what have I signed myself up to?

BLOG: noun
Short for weblog, a blog is a web site containing the writer's or group of writers' own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other web sites.

Yes, I have done it, I have created myself a blog on today, the 30th of December 2011, quarter to midnight. Yet I am feeling rather apprehensive for many reasons as listed below.
1. I detest English, in particular writing. In year 6 we took an exam called SATs, and I managed to achieve a level 5 in all my exams (which was – at that time - quite an achievement), par my English writing exam, where I achieved a dreaded level 4. Luckily, this was only a small section of my exam, thus achieved a level 5 overall. However, this traumatic experience was the spark which has lead to my hatred of English. Perhaps it is just my inability to express my thoughts and feelings through the medium of language which has lead to my rather ignorant hatred of writing.
2. I am a coward when it comes to doing things out my “comfort-zone”. Blogging is certainly something which is out of it, by publishing myself on the world wide web. I’m not even sure what I am scared of, maybe it is people judging me on what I write, or even my lack of confidence when it comes to writing English, as stated above.
3. I absolutely suck at persevering at hobbies and I give up far too easily. This is expressed at my terrible skills when it comes to video games. For example, in Mario, I managed to die a total of 5 times even in the first level on the first world, thus I gave up on it entirely. Even to this day, I have despised platform games for that very reason.
“So why on earth have you created this blog?”
After writing all these reasons why I don’t want to create a blog, I have almost forgot why I made this blog in the first place. But reasons why I have include…
1. I have read lots of blogs for many years now, some I find so inspirational, others just a really great read. I love how you can get to know someone so much better by reading their blog and it’s something that I have always wanted to do for many years now. However, I have always been such a pussy (as some people would put it ;)) to things like this. It is now (at the moment of writing this) the last day before the New Year, and one of my resolutions is to definitely try to push out of my comfort zone. Yay! number one.
2. For the year of 2008, I kept a diary for the entire year. Earlier last week I found this diary and found it so insightful. It made me realise just how important it is to keep your memories, and just how quickly time can fly by. Writing down on paper is so last decade, so doing it digitally is the way to go. This blog isn’t going to be a day to day record of my life, but just something that I can read a few years down the line and think: “Hey I was a cool kid back then!”. Yay! number two.
3. A new hobby means less time procrastinating (i.e playing Bejewelled and Sims, oops…) and more time doing something productive. It was either this or tumblr and I thought this was a bit more useful. Yay! number three.
Okay, now that I have committed to this blogging hoo-ha, looks like it’s time for me to get down to business.
I have always loved fashion and beauty related blogs, youtube videos etc. and I loved the idea of making creative content, but then it struck me one day as I saw a glimpse of me in the mirror, my clothes/appearance are crap at the moment. I don’t think it’s something I really am qualified to be lecturing people about, at least not at this stage in my life. So in this blog, expect random posts about my life, whatever comes to mind really. It’s probably going to include updates on life, what’s up, current obsessions, diary-esque entries, inspiration posts, lots of music, plus a few fashion-y posts included too.
I am going to make a checklist for posts I want to get out ASAP, so I am actually going to be motivated to write and update this blog. Motivation is something I struggle with!
· Friends, what are they?
So yes, if you have made it this far, reading this post. I seriously commend you. *Round of applause* Also, congratulations too, as I think I’m only going to link this blog to people I really like and - I want it to be personal. Therefore, yay for you.
There we have it, ScatterrBrained has been metaphorically christened. Let’s see if there’s going to be tumble weed blowing across it next month, metaphorically speaking of course, again. ;)
Lots of virtual love,
Rebecca x
Always scatterbrained.

P.S Reading this back, please don’t judge me on my attempted jokes, I really do know I am not very witty, in any way, shape or form. Soz guys.
P.P.S. Some of this post doesn’t make sense, it’s because I’m writing literally the first thing that comes into my head. Soz if it’s rather incoherent.
P.P.P.S Most control my use of commas - my punctuation is appauling! Soz!
P.P.P.P.S Argh, okay, I’m going to stop apologising, since hypocritical me hates people who always apologise.
P.P.P.P.P.S Okay I’m rambling, ciao for now!
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