Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Prom dresses and such

Even though prom is less than 5 months away, the hype for it is already quickly escalating and is becoming the main topic of much discussion (and arguments!) in our year group. 
Naturally, the girls have all pretty much already started planning their outfits, to the extend of many already ordering dresses. We have a Facebook group regarding Prom, where girls are all posting their dresses to prevent anyone awkwardly showing up wearing the same dress as another girl - we hope. Being a girl and quite fashion-conscious, I have also put in some thought into what I am going to wear, although I am no where near making a decision, but I hope I will be by the end of this post!

The Guidelines:
  1. I am not spending over £50 for my entire outfit.
    1. This is mainly because the prom is only 4 hours long anyway, and I am not wasting £50 on something that I am seldom going to wear. I know some girls are planning on spending over the £100, with tailor made dresses and other luxuries. I, on the other hand, aim to spend as little as possible, and try to wear as many that I already own. However, I do realise that could easily spiral out of control, as there are literally so many little things that you need to buy such as the dress, heels, clutch, jewellery and of course, a strapless bra if you got a strapless dress. 
  2. I am not buying it on line. 
    1. This is mainly because you don't know the quality of what you are buying, nor the fit. Also, alot of the time, the colour of dresses can appear completely different to what you anticipate, due to every computer screen's colour balance is slightly different. I know you can send it back and get a refund, but I personally think that is too much faff. 
Here comes a brain storm of all my ideas for prom. 
Random Internet finds
From left to right:
  1. Olivia from Lust for Life: She is looking hot in this image - I like the flowing white chiffon, plus it's almost Grecian style to it. 
  2. Not too sure where this imagine is from, but it's so amazingly poofy. It's not something that I would particularly where, but I just thought it looked cool.
  3. Dollskill dress: This is not a prom dress by any means, but I love the rainbow pattern to it, since every one's dresses that they seem to be posting are all plain/ one coloured
  4. Tutu/bustle fro eBay : Okay, this may be a bit too out there for conservation Buckinghamshire, but I have this crazy idea in my head of wearing this tutu thing over a simple black dress.
Fictional Inspirations
  1. Alice, from Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland": I absolutely loved the visuals for this movie and Alice's ruffley costumes.
  2. Moriticia Addams, from "The Addams Family": Wearing something long, dark and slinky would be awesome. I've always loved the Addams family. 
Dresses from T.K.Maxx.

I know that it may seem a bit rubbish, but T.K.Maxx has some awesome dresses. Below are some of the ones I have picked out as being extra nice, but of course, stock is completely different in each store due to the nature of the shop, so I really do think it's worth checking out, since the prices are so reasonable.

Did you know that T.K.Maxx's American parent company decided to adopt the name T.K.Maxx, instead of T.J.Maxx as it is commonly know in the States, to avoid confusion with the already existing chain - T.J. Hughes?

Left to right: Debenhams, ASOS, Christopher Kane, ASOS, Dolls Kill, Miss Selfridge
Here are some dresses that I would genuinely wear to prom if I had an no budget limit - the pink foil Christopher Kane dress would be up in the thousands! Apart from that one though, the rest are from the high street, and aren't too badly priced compared to others on the internet. I do realise that they are all quite casual, but I think if I got a bridesmaid-esque dress, it just wouldn't be my style.

The Decision...
From this blog post I want...
  • A maxi dress
  • A midi dress
  • A short dress
  • An assymetrical waterfall hem dress
  • Something long and slinky
  • A strapless dress
  • A poofy dress
  • Something with lots of layers of floaty/sheer chiffon
  • Something made of leather
  • Something made of velvet
  • Something shiny or metallic
  • Something made of lace
  • Something rainbow coloured or crazily patterned
In other words - I have decided on NOTHING!  
Looks like I'm going to need to do plenty of shopping, as I could find a dress that fits none of the above criterion, by may look lovely on. Yay! Another opportunity to go to Camden. 

So long!

Rebecca x
P.S. I was going to write my Question and Answer post today from my last blog post (it's not too late to post some more questions for me, go on!), but I have had a request from some of my friends saying that they want to see this post (that's you OW ;)), so voila.


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