Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Nu Mooo-sik - Kind of...

Below I have listed a few of the “new” songs which I have been enjoying this week. I say “new” in quotation marks as some of these songs are not that recent as I have not been exposing myself to the radio and other such things lately.  I’ve decided that in this New Year, as well as all my other New Year’s Resolutions, I am also going to broaden my musical horizons. A few years ago, I used to listen to far more music that I do now, and I think the turn of the New Year is a great time to start again and fill my ears with glorious tunes.
Anyway, here is my list of songs (OH YES ANOTHER LIST.) I’ve tried to include a variety of popular genres.

*SIDE NOTE: For some reason Blogger is being rather annoying, as I can't seem to embed any videos into this post. Thus, I'm going to do screen shots for video and the titles of the songs will be hyperlinks. So annoying, but sorry guys!*

·         Lana Del Ray: Blue Jeans  

o   I can tell that Lana Del Ray is going to be absolutely massive in 2012. First saw her on Jools Holland, but to be honest, I wasn’t very impressed, she seemed a bit too nervous, but after listening to the entire album, I am completely converted. Her first single, Video Games was absolutely stunning, just like the rest of her album (“Born to Die”) and her face. She describes herself as a “gangsta Nancy Sinatra”, which is an epic name.

·         Kasabian: Re-Wired
o   This song is kind of old, and at first I didn’t like it all, as I am not really a Kasabian fan. But after XFM insisted on repeating this, a ridiculous number of times in one day, it has become rather annoyingly catchy.

·         Avicii: Levels

o   Who doesn’t love a good house track? Think this was on an advert and I love the music video. The random dancing Chinese lady just makes it that bit more awesome.

Did you Lana Del Ray’s real name is actually Elizabeth Grant? And Avicii’s real name is Tim Bergling. Under the name of Tim Berg, he released the track “Seek Bromance” in 2010. I thought Levels sounded similar to something else I had heard before!
·         Flux Pavillion and Doctor P: Superbad
o   DAYYMM this is so good. That is all.

·         You me at six: Bite my tongue
o   Quite ironic, I really dislike you me at six, almost as much as I dislike Oli Sykes. But I surprising find this song very annoyingly good, probably because it reminds me of early Lostprophets circa 2005, when they wrote their best music, or The Blackout.

·         Florence and the Machine: Seven Devils  
o   So powerful and ultimately very chilling. Probably one of the best off her “Ceremonials” album. Makes the hairs at the back of my neck stand up.

·         StooShe: Betty Woz Gone
o   Described as a “girl band trio with attitude”, Stooshe are 3 girls from South London who are on the BBC Sound of 2012 List, along with good old Flux Pavillion mentioned above. I first saw heard them on Mary Ann Hobbs radio show a month back, as the “game-changer” or something like that. I am no means any expert in hip, urban music or whatever you would call it, but this song is very catchy. I like how there is a story line to the song, which is said to be based on a true story. It really does reminds me of Lily Allen’s “Knock ‘Em Out” from “Alright, Still” (which is a great song!) back in  2007, with its use of  talking/rapping style to portray the story line, and of course it’s use of humour.

The last song on my list is not new in the slightest, but it’s been in my head all week… Such a guilty pleasure.
Ian Dury: Hit me with your rhythm stick  
This is my favourite line:
“It's nice to be a lunatic”
I agree Mr Dury.

Wow, that was actually quite fun to compile that list. Perhaps I should make it into a regular feature like “New Music Mondays”, but not are lame as that.

What songs have you been enjoying this week? 
Cool. Speak to you guys tomorrow.
Rebecca x

Always ScatterrBrainded
P.S. Reading this back, I really do need to add some new adjectives to my vocabulary, and really stop saying “really” so much! Argh!

P.P.S I should learn how to use HTML, would really make embedding stuff way easier. 

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