Saturday, 4 February 2012

I want...

Here is a random list of stuff I want to achieve sometime in the future; some are more serious than others.
  1. To fill my ears with dance/house/dubstep/techno music
  2. To go to Covent Garden and buy some funky clothes
  3. To go to a charity Shop in search for some clothes to make me grannified
  4. To sleep
  5. To dye my hair again or chop it all off
  6. To stop procrastinating
  7. To learn HTML or use photo editing program
  8. To learn how to use the Nikon
  9. To spend more time with friends
  10. To visit every single continent in the world before I am 30 (except maybe Antarctica)
  11. To get the Arkwright Scholarship!!!!!
  12. To go on the Headstart course
  13. It to be half term
  14. To be extra nerdy and go to a science fair
  15. To make a jewellery box
  16. People to be less close-minded
  17. A skull choker necklace from Topshop
  18. To increase my vocabulary
  19. To buy some posters for my room
  20. To write a blog post which is actually interesting, instead of these filler posts
  21. To jump on it, jump on it, jump on it
  22. To change the world we live in
  23. To be better at Chinese
  24. More pairs of heels
  25. To have time to get some decent violin practise done
  26. To roll around in the snow
  27. To get a second ear piercing
  28. To catch up on all the Desperate Housewives that I’ve missed
  29. To start a business
  30. To improve my presentational skills
  31. Some Uni Hellraisers
  32. Glee club to be a success
  33. To be on the prom committee
  34. Blogger to not be so glitchy
  35. To eat some really good seafood
  36. To learn more chemistry
  37. To stop being so anti-social
  38. To go to the Radio One’s Hackey Weekend
  39. To not have so many spots on my forehead
  40. To SUCCEED
Number 11 is definitely what I want most at the moment, perhaps number 31 too, but that's not going to happen.

What a terrible collage.


Rebecca x

P.S. I am actually planning to write some interesting blog posts tomorrow, instead of just making boring lists. 
P.S.S Woop! 1500 views! Thanks guys, it's like nothing compared to most blogs, but I am content. I plan to post every other day, so keep checking back. 

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