Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Likes and Loathes

This is what I have been liking and loathing in the last week. 
What I have been liking.
+1: New telly.
I swear all the good TV programs have all finished. But since our old telly has died, we have a new one, which is huge and a selection of glorious HD channels. They mostly replay old David Attenborough documentaries on them, but I don’t mind.
+1: Making sushi.
Yesterday, I decided to make some sushi for the sake of it. They don’t taste great, but it was fun rollin’ rollin’ rollin’.
Here are 3 songs related to rolling.
Speaking of Adele, did anyone see her Royal Albert Hall concert, which was broadcasted on New Year’s Day? Absolutely amazing.

+1: Windy weather.

Recently here in England, there has been extemely windy weather, which I LOVE. Don't ask me why, it's just invigorating. Obviously not to the extend of tornados and hurricanes.

+1: Middle Partings.

A side parting is so year 8.
-1: Waking up early and just school in general
During the holidays, waking up at 11am had become routine. Now with school starting again, attempting to wake up 4 hours earlier certainly was a struggle. I have an alarm on phone at 7:00am, but I managed to press the snooze button a total of 10 times (unconsciously!) until it was 7.40am when I realised what the time was, and panicked. I also forgot that it would be dark in the mornings. However, this morning I was greeted with a lovely stripy sunrise (how cheesy) which put me in a slightly better mood, I suppose.
Usually after a holiday, I always very slightly look forward to the return of school, simply because I usually get bored of wasting time during the holidays. However, this time, it has been different. Immediately I have hit with a stream of CONTROLLED ASSESSMENTS, COURSEWORK, EXAMS, CONCERTS, REHEARSALS, and DEADLINES. I know I shouldn’t complain; I am a student, this is what we are expected to endure.  I am sure some people have it way worse, but for me, it’s all a bit of a headache.
-1: Accidently biting into a peppercorn.
If anyone has Chinese parents who use Sichuan peppercorns in their cooking, they will probably understand the tremendous numbing hot spiciness that comes with accidently biting into one of these tiny balls of fire.
-1: Being dehydrated.
I am so terrible when it comes to drinking water. I drink no water at all whilst at school, mostly because of my own fault of not bringing in a bottle; therefore I am always really dehydrated.

Ciao for now! See you tomorrow for the last day of BEDTW!*

Rebecca x
P.S. After reading this post and summing up all my others to date, I have even more New Year’s Resolutions to add to all the others I have in my other post, “New Year’s Resolutions”. You can never have too many of them.
1.       Stop making such long blog posts (although I think this is almost inevitably going to happen with the return of school)
2.       Substantially reduce my use of the “XD” smiley
3.       Drink more water
P.P.S. My posts have been rather lack lustre recently; I will come up with some better content soon!
*Blog Every Day This Week


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