Thursday, 26 January 2012

Uke News, Attractive Men and Year 7s

Hello there. Similarly to Tuesday’s post, I’m going to show you some other really awesome things I have liked in the last few days.

Sherlock (parody) | Chris Kendall
Crabstickz is probably one of the funniest Youtuber out there. His impressions and accents are so hilarious, and this video is probably one of his best, simply because it’s about Sherlock.. I was literally laughing out loud for probably a good 10 seconds after finish watching the video, which, for me, is a rarity.

Jamie N Commons - The Preacher Official Video
I found about this dude from the BBC Sound of 2012 list, something which I look forward to each year, since it always has some AMAZING artists on it. I haven’t managed to listen to many of the artists on the list this year though, but I have heard a few songs from this band and I am honestly so excited to hear their album. This is my favourite song so far and describes it as...
“ A dusty, stomping ballad about religion and death performed with a five piece band, it’s stormy wild west meets Jack White’s Detroit (with nods to Johnny Cash and Nick Cave thrown in for good measure). There’s only really one problem; I’ll need to see a birth certificate to believe that he’s only 22 years old. Jamie sounds like he has been glugging whisky for years.”
All he needs to do is grow a beard and do a duet with Laura Marling (this song is very similar to Devil’s Spoke – one of my favourite songs – since it’s a powerful ballad about such a dark subject matter), then my life will be complete.

Onra ft. Jin - The Learn Chinese Anthem (Mashed up by Mo Ellah)
Onra is a French hip-hip/beat maker/ producer sort of musician. The beats he makes are super cool, and in his album, “Chinoiseries”, where old 60’s Chinese and Vietnamese samples are used- two genre’s which juxtapose surprisingly well. The beat used in this remix –The Anthem – is quite well known as was used in a Coke advert for the 2008 advert. I quite like this mash-up with this random rapper, even though I don’t know he is... Oh well, it has Onra’s beat in it, and I think he’s seriously good looking.

Nice Year 7s
What? That's right, some year 7's these last few days have actually been so nice! In our glee club rehearsal, this one girl printed off some lyrics for me, even though I didn't ask her to. Also, yesterday, I was doing my eyeliner in the loos and this random girl who I've never seen before told me that I was "really pretty"! Awh, perhaps behind the giant rucksacks, they are actually nice people.

My new ukulele has finally arrived.  I am so happy! It’s a Lanikai LU-11, and I love it.
Aren't they pretty?

Quick Review and Comparision:
Price: £15
+Comes in rainbow colours
+Plastic coated covering, sound is not as good, but makes the instrument very durable
+Geared tuners are shaped like dolphins
-Sounds like turd as the intonation is quite poor

Price: £50
+Surprisingly loud and resonant considering the size
+Aquila strings are lush
-Lack of attention to detail: Lanikai logo and rings around sound hole look quite tatty
-Made out of plywood, which is going to chip/flake off

In conclusion, basically, if you want a uke to simply look cool, get the Mahalo. If you want to play music, get the Lanikai!
Buying ukuleles is actually so addictive, I want to expand my collection further!


Ciao for now,

Rebecca x

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