Monday, 8 October 2012

Sixth Form Outfit 1: Spanner in the Works

Blazer - Mum's, jumper and shoes - M&S, shirt - charity shop 
In my last post ("Going for the Jugular"), asked you guys whether you would be interested in seeing some of the outfits I wear to sixth form and some of you guys said yes, so everyday, I am going to post whatever I am wearing to this blog! Before I get into this actual outfit, I'd like to first mention what our sixth form dress code actually is. Some people say that our dress code is really relaxed, but others think it is quite strict. You guys can judge for yourselves.
We have to wear:
  1. A blazer and matching bottoms
  2. A shirt/blouse with a collar
We are not allowed to wear:
  1. Any sort of denim or jeans
  2. Leggings 
  3. Any "stretchy-material" skirts
  4. Clothes that are too revealing. 
As you can probably tell, I am already breaking quite a few rules in this outfit, but teachers like me so it's okay. I am wearing the illegal leggings, mainly because it is literally so cold and raining outside today (yes I took these photos in the rain!). I am also not wearing matching top and bottoms. My friends like point out that whenever I wear this outfit, that it looks like I'm not wearing any skirt at all, but in fact I am wearing a black body-con skirt from H&M - another illegal item. This is because I am pretty short and the blazer with the jumper are pretty bulky anyway, so if I were to wear a proper skirt, I would look like I was drowning in my outfit. 

Also, just like to talk about the title of this post - "Spanner in the Works". It is in reference to the first line in the song "Moscow State Circus" by Eugene McGuinness. In fact, yesterday's post title ("Going for the Jugular") is also a lyric from one of his songs. I have a penchant for idioms and am also so obsessed with his music, so I am going to continue with using his lyrics for song titles as I think he's a genius. Also, I had technology today and used a spanner so I thought it was vaguely appropriate. 

Anyway, must dash to my violin lesson - cheerio,

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  1. love the outift, especially the shirt and the jumper ((:

  2. I love your (or rather your Mum's) blazer! It looks great with the layering of a printed shirt and jumper. Haha, I love the fact that you get away with breaking the rules because the teachers love you! Brilliant.

  3. Agh I hate uniforms and strict dress codes, but this is a great play on it! I love the mix of patterns.

  4. My school is nearly the same for dress code! It's so annoying because we get sent home if they don't agree with what we are wearing! xx

  5. WOW...:O you should see my sixth form outfits...XD

  6. you look lovely! xx

  7. omg dressing with a school dress code is intense. i know. but you look super awesome anyways! i'm technically not supposed to wear spaghetti straps or show my shoulders or anything but no one really cares and i can get away with wearing a bra-top-thing and high waisted shorts and it's not a big deal.

  8. Oh wow those rue are redonkulous! I'd go just a wee bit crazy, love your outfit is gorgeous x

  9. I love your red ombre hair, the transitioning of colour is super nice!
    would you like to follow each other?

  10. Thank you ever so much for following my blog darling, as well as for the lovely comment on my latest post. I am now following your blog via GFC.
    Georgia from

  11. Very cute outfit totally something Id wear I've actually got a tweed blazer like that too and boy do I love it! lol your schools dress vode isn't that strict I suppose anythings better than uniform cant wait till college next yr actually get to wear my own clothes to school Woo haha xox

  12. such a cute outfit!
    Love the shirt and jumper combo :)

  13. great layering

  14. I seriously need a tweed-type blazer! Amazing outfit xx


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