Monday, 2 January 2012

Inspirational Blogs: Fashion and Others

Probably my favourite method of procrastination is reading/looking at blogs, and here is a selection of a few of my favourites.
Only two of my friends in real life have active blogs. I’m not including Tumblr blogs of course, that is only re-blogging and rarely includes original content.
o  StripeyTofu is a blog by one of my friends. It includes a wealth of hilarious memories, diary entries, and cringey stories. ;) You may notice that on the link above, the blog appears very empty. That is because all his past posts are in his StripeyTofu2011 blog, since he has been blogging well over a year now! That in itself is a fantastic achievement, not to also mention that he has over 10,000 views! Congratulations to him! I hope that I can be as persistent with my blog, but I highly doubt it.

Favourite post? 

o   My favourite post is this one called “Home Alone: Day 2”. He told me that he wanted to cook something by himself, so I told him to make pasta with a sauce of some sort, as its fool proof. Oh how wrong I was! Somehow he came up with “Coconut Marinade Salmon Cavatappi” and also filmed the process for his Youtube channel. To manage to screw up something so simple is simply hilarious!

He likes Taylor Swift.

o   I am apprehensive in whether to include this blog or not, but I thought I might as well as only 2 of my friends have blogs. K expresses his own opinion on things as a whole, such as politics, philosophy and other deep things I should care about but I don’t. *Slight ammendment, K himself does not approve of my description of his blog, so here is his own "I'd describe it simply as a simplified set of euphemisms coming from the brain of a 16 year old bbc"* I must admit, I do not follow his blog every day, but I applaud him for his very well articulated posts. (See, I am nice to you K)

Favourite post? 

o   My favourite post is his one on K^ism, a set of religious beliefs of which he is the founder of. I chose this post because I told him that the ^ meant “to the power of”, if you were to type it into Microsoft Excel. He mentioned this in his post, so I am happy. 


I have just noticed, both of my favourite posts from both blogs involve me in them, to a certain degree. Whoops! I am a pretty selfish person, I must admit.
Apart from those two blogs up there, I only really follow fashion blogs. I spend probably more time on these blogs than I should, but in my defence, the pictures are yummy. I realise probably most of you aren’t interested in these blogs in any means, but oh well.
1.       Le Happy
a.       Probably my favourite blog of all time. 

2.       Jean Greige
a.       Amazing outfit posts. 

3.       Little Ericaceae
a.       I don’t think she still updates, sad times. 

a.       I want her clothes.

I like fashion blogs. I might do another more in depth post about them, but then I might not, since I don’t really know if this post was any use to anyone/slightly interesting at all.
So yes, that is all for today, see you tomorrow for day 5 of Blog Every Day This Week!
Rebecca x

Always ScatterrBrained
P.S. If I know you, and you write a blog, please tell me about it, I’d love to read it!

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  1. Thank you so much for your comment, it means a lot. Your blog is wonderful dear, I love this post. I really enjoy the blogs you picked, especially le happy! I'm following now. Happy New Years! :)
    violetheart xxoo


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