Sunday, 11 November 2012


Beanie - Topshop, dungarees - Topshop, shoes - Doc Martens, crazy waistcoat - charity shop, necklaces - China and Claire's
Dungarees have always had a place in my heart. Despise not being the most feminine item of clothing I own, but who cares as it's not like I ever dress to impress anyone anyway.These dungarees were only £16 from the Topshop sale and they were destined to be mine since they were a petite size 8. I actually have another pair of dungarees too, featured in this post, but they are far too small now to wear - I'm thinking of opening a bigcartel shop or something to get rid of some of my old clothes and earn some money since getting a job is completely out of the option now as I am so ridiculously busy.

Another thing is that I am actually getting so bored of my hair now since it is getting so long now - the ombre used to start at my chin! Should I get it or leave it long?

Can you guys do a huge favour for me? It would be awesome if you could go like my Young Enterprise Facebook group. Even though we cannot trade through the internet (I know so lame) but having the likes really does help us towards this competition for YE where number of likes is one of the criteria. Thank you!

Also thank you so much for checking and reading my blog - I've hit 200 followers now yipee! Also a huge thanks to the Boots Treat Street blog for featuring one of my outfits!

Talk to you later,
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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Double Tights

Chokers - Claire's, tops - H&M and DIY tights!, belt - charity shop, skirt - River Island, socks - Urban Oufitters, shoes - Office
Pretty much half this outfit is made from tights! The top is actually made from a pair of tights that I cut up and I got the idea from Tigerlily's blog. Lydia has also just posted a post featuring this too and both girls look so awesome and lovely in their outfits, so please check them out! It is actually so easy to make this top and I just want to chop up all my tights now and make them into crop tops - I think it would look really good with a pair of lace tights, so that is what I am going to do next.

Anyway, my life has been pretty boring as of recently. I have not been invited to any Halloween parties this year which sucks balls as I love dressing up, so I just stayed in. I don't usually enjoy Halloween at home as in my area, it is usually just an excuse for delinquents in my town to be antisocial, but luckily they were rained off.

I can't believe it is getting so dark so early now (pitch black before 5.00pm!). This means there is literally no way I can blog during the school week which is so annoying as I can never get good lighting indoors. My garden is also looking so drab compared to how it looked during the summer, such as in this post with all the roses!

Also, I literally have so much homework to finish tomorrow :'( - A levels sucks - so I better get back to it. See you guys in another post.

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Monday, 29 October 2012

With all this Sinsemilla, you are really spoiling me

Beanie - sister's, t-shirt - Hot Chip x Stussy, leather look leggings - ASOS, platform loafers - Office, denim shirt - vintage
I'm actually so happy how these pictures have turned out, especially the first one. I like how I managed to get a reflection off my glass slidey door. There is also so much PVC in this outfit, I love it.

Firstly, I would like to talk about my amazing platform loafers that I got off the ASOS sale for a bargainous £15.00 plus £3.50 shipping. I first saw them on one of my favourite blogs "Bell's Fashion" who is such a lovely girl and has amazing style, plus also happens to be one of the first followers of my blog. When I saw that there was stock in my shoe size, I snapped them up immediately as she styles them so well. I got a European size 36, which is slightly to large since they feel like a size 3.5, when I am definitely size 3, but that was easily solved by putting in a pair of insoles. I completely agree with Helena when I say it feels like I am walking on air and I am definitely going to find it hard not wear them with every outfit since they just look so awesome. They also give me some much needed height which is also a bonus.

Secondly, I am sporting this awesome t-shirt which I won off an online competition. The task was to find out what song from Hot Chip's album "In Our Heads" was the lyric printed on the shirt was from, so I took on the challenge, listened to the entire album (which I may add is brilliant) and found out that it was from the song "Let Me Be Him", which also happened to be my favourite song from the album. I don't know why, but for some reason, I think that the song really sounds similar to "The Fear", by Lily Allen with it's production. I just love this t shirt so much as it's a Hot Chip t-shirt and I love them. I got a medium which I thought would be slightly over-sized, but it is actually ridiculously humongous, but I think I can make it work.

I am going to leave you with something Alexis Taylor said in an interview with Pitchfork about his lyrics in this album which I found quite interesting as I am often very intrigued with the creative process that goes into writing an aural masterpiece:
"Actually, with this album, I felt a freedom to use words without them having to have a logical meaning at all. That was partly inspired by listening to Joe's demo of the track 'Let Me Be Him' and really liking the sound of all the words, and wondering what the song was about. I asked Joe, and he said it was more like a phonetic thing, and then making out what those words were after. That made sense to me."
Ciao Dahlings,

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P.S. I've been so stupid for so long - I didn't realise you could turn off word verification  so I would just to  apologise to everyone who has had to endure filling in those ridiculous word verification words! You guys can now comment all you want now with the distress of having to deciphier cryptic  codes. 

Saturday, 20 October 2012


Vintage shirt - Brick Lane, top and belt - Charity shop, leather-look shorts - local shop, cowboy hat - China, boots - Doc Martens
This outfit is 100% inspired by the western/vintage/witchy/gypsy vibes I get from Madeline's blog "Jean Greige". It is also slightly inspired by the girls from Haim with  the cowboy hat and having my hair down and slightly unruly.

Also on the topic of music, I've not had time to write an entire post dedicated on new music, but of recent, I have been loving Django Django's self titled album, Sundark and Riverlight by Patrick Wolf, Willy Moon, Stealing Sheep and AlunaGeorge in general, as well as eagerly awaiting the Villager's new album - I think it's going to be a good one!

Back to the outfit, the cowboy hat was from my holiday last year in China and it is so awesome - I should start wearing it out. I literally love this shirt so much (first featured in this post way back in June), but the one problem is that it is really quite fragile since it is very old, so I don't want to wear it too much, but I felt it was due time for it to have another feature on my blog.

In my life, school is really starting to get on top of me as expected, hence the sporadic posts. However, it is half term soon which I am looking forward to so much. I am going to go to Rhiannon or Fashionrocksmysocks' meet up on Saturday 3rd November in London, so it would be great if any of you guys were going, we could meet up too. :)

Anyway, must start my homework.

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P.S. The title of the post is suppose to be a pun for the fact I look like a Chinese cowgirl... I know it's terrible..

Monday, 8 October 2012

Sixth Form Outfit 1: Spanner in the Works

Blazer - Mum's, jumper and shoes - M&S, shirt - charity shop 
In my last post ("Going for the Jugular"), asked you guys whether you would be interested in seeing some of the outfits I wear to sixth form and some of you guys said yes, so everyday, I am going to post whatever I am wearing to this blog! Before I get into this actual outfit, I'd like to first mention what our sixth form dress code actually is. Some people say that our dress code is really relaxed, but others think it is quite strict. You guys can judge for yourselves.
We have to wear:
  1. A blazer and matching bottoms
  2. A shirt/blouse with a collar
We are not allowed to wear:
  1. Any sort of denim or jeans
  2. Leggings 
  3. Any "stretchy-material" skirts
  4. Clothes that are too revealing. 
As you can probably tell, I am already breaking quite a few rules in this outfit, but teachers like me so it's okay. I am wearing the illegal leggings, mainly because it is literally so cold and raining outside today (yes I took these photos in the rain!). I am also not wearing matching top and bottoms. My friends like point out that whenever I wear this outfit, that it looks like I'm not wearing any skirt at all, but in fact I am wearing a black body-con skirt from H&M - another illegal item. This is because I am pretty short and the blazer with the jumper are pretty bulky anyway, so if I were to wear a proper skirt, I would look like I was drowning in my outfit. 

Also, just like to talk about the title of this post - "Spanner in the Works". It is in reference to the first line in the song "Moscow State Circus" by Eugene McGuinness. In fact, yesterday's post title ("Going for the Jugular") is also a lyric from one of his songs. I have a penchant for idioms and am also so obsessed with his music, so I am going to continue with using his lyrics for song titles as I think he's a genius. Also, I had technology today and used a spanner so I thought it was vaguely appropriate. 

Anyway, must dash to my violin lesson - cheerio,

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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Going for the Jugular

Spiked headband - Topshop, necklaces - Claire's & Topshop, cardigan - friend's, dress - charity shop, boots - Pascals Doc Martens
This outfit was probably one of the most awkward outfits to take photos of, as one my neighbour's son/daughter was having a bouncy castle birthday party, so they would keep bouncing up and down, looking at me and think "what on earth is she doing?". However, it did make me feel a bit nostalgic as when I when I was 7, I had a bouncy castle birthday party in my garden too!

I do realise that this outfit is pretty similar to this outfit here, but I felt bad for being such a terrible blogger, thus I've deemed it acceptable to repeat some items of clothing in posts. Also excuse the puffy face - I took these photos just after I woke up and after some quick googling, I have found out that this is due to fluid retention and continued pressure on the face during sleep.

There are two main reason why I haven't been very regular with my blog post, firstly being the fact that school is major busy and full on basically all the time, so I have no time to take outfit posts during the week days. Because I seem to put in so much effort working out what to wear everyday now being in sixth form, during the weekends I just feel like wearing something boring, casual and not blog worthy. However, I am enjoying the freedom of not having a uniform to wear to school, so would you guys be interested in seeing some of my sixth form outfits?

The second reason for the lack of blog posts is because I've just not really acquired any new clothes recently as I don't have any time to go shopping! However, seeing that I now have so many outfit posts up, I think I might just repeat some of the clothes I have, but style them in a different way.

Saying that, this cardigan was actually new though. My friend OW gave it to me and I'm so glad as it is amazingly soft due to the angora in it. However, one major problem is that it literally sheds everywhere which is annoying as everything gets super fluffy and linty. It's nonetheless very awesome so thanks to OW for giving it to me.

In other news in the world of me is that I HAVE TWITTER (YIPPEE :D) - follow me @ScatterrBrained I've had this account for a long time, but I have no idea why I have used to earlier as it's amazing. I am literally so addicted to it, plus I think it's great as I can now interact with you guys on a more regular basis.

Ciao dahlings,

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P.S. Revenge has also returned to US TV which has made me so happy as it's possibly one of my favourite TV dramas of all time! So many secrets yet to be uncovered, I'm so excited to see how everything unravels.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Here's One I Made Earlier

Bowler hat - River Island, denim/paisley jacket - DIY, polo shirt - £1 shop, trousers - M&S, shoes - River Island 

This was my lazy Sunday outfit as I'm wearing tregging sort trousers - something I'd never do on a week day! I normally wouldn't post an outfit like this, but  I thought I might as well today to show you guys the denim jacket that I DIY- ed with some paisley awesomeness.

I have been in love with Sara's WAISTE denim jackets for a long time and if I had all the money in the world, I would buy them all, but unfortunately I don't, so I thought I might as well get crafty and try and make my own interpretation of one. Since I am literally in love with paisley print, I thought I'd make a paisley print denim jacket!

This jacket looks like it would've been relatively easy to make, but it certainly was not. I really wanted paisley panels, so I through a plethora of charity shops, trying to find something paisley. At last, I found a paisley quilted floor length jacket, which I cut off the ends and used the material for this DIY. Since it was quilted, I had to unpick ALL of the criss-cross stitching, in order to detach the lining and the padding. Once I had done, then I could finally attach the pieces of material.

Now, before last week, the last time I had done any sort of machine sewing was in Year 9 in our textiles lessons, so I was worried that I would be a bit rusty with it, but turned out that the sewing part was fine - getting the material so it was the right size was the hard bit!

Alas I have finally finished this jacket after 4 hours unpicking the quilting and sewing. I wish I had bought a larger jacket than this one to have done this DIY on, as I think denim jackets look better oversized, but I am, nonetheless, very happy with it! Making this jacket was actually quite fun, so watch this space - I might make some more and sell them in the near future!

That is all for today. School has been majorly stressful as of lately (doing technically 6 A level subjects, looming violin audition, running Glee Club, MD of Young Enterprise...), hence why I have had no time to update this blog. I thank all the people who have been patient and not so patient (Olivia ;)) with my sporadic posts. I will post more frequently when I have more time - half term maybe?

Ciao for now,

P.S. This is my 100th post on my blog! How time flies when you're having fun ;)

Friday, 14 September 2012

Bargain Hunter

Tie-dye shirt - DIY, necklace - market, shorts - Topshop via charity shop, belt - charity shop, black sheer shirt - punkyfish, Chelsea boots - Doc Marten's via T.K.Maxx
This look is called Bargain Hunter, due to the fact that most of the items I am wearring in this outfit are absolute bargains. Take my belt for example, it only cost 25p from a charity shop at the bottom of a bucket full of belts, yet it is so awesome looking and genuine leather. On the back, there is MOD DEP engraved on it, meaning modele depositato, which means registered design (i.e. copyright). There was also a brand on the back which I googled and they were selling belts for around £40, so I definitely bagged myself a bargain.

Moreover, I also found these Topshop shorts as well as the American flag shorts from Topshop in a charity shop for only £1.25 and £1.50 respectively as well! They just caught the corner of my eye as I was walking down the street and it was like the thrift gods were rewarding me with shorts that were exactly in my size, brand new and so ridiculously cheap. However, I had no money on me, so I literally sprinted to the cash machine to take out some money to buy them. I am literally so happy with them and I think I might customise this pair with some tie-dye or patches.

Third item I'd like to mention are my amazing Doc Marten Darla boots in black. They were only £35 from £130 and I found them in T.K.Maxx. They are deceivingly high, which is a bummer as I don't usually were heels, so it's going to take a little practice getting use to them. However, there is actually a slight platform, and since the shoes are very well made, they are really quite comfortable. In fact, I have actually aquired another pair of Doc Martens from T.K.Maxx as well in the last few weeks (brown leather with wool lining!), which I am unfortunately going to give to my sister who lives in Scotland, so she could do with some warm shoes.

So basically, I advice everyone to flock to T.K.Maxx. asap to snap up all the amazing deals on Doc Martens as they are by far my favourite brand of shoe. I've had my blue Pascal boots for half a year now, and I reckon I've worn them 30% of the time and pretty much 100% of my outfit posts feature them, as they are just so comfortable, high quality and look better and better as they age. Most shoes I buy wear out within a few months of continuous use, but my docs are still going strong, so they are definitely worth it, even at full price. I cannot see myself going back to normal high-street shoes now having experiencing the awesomeness of docs. Shoes are definitely the item I spend most money on, because cheaper shoes wear out so quickly due to abrasion and spending that extra money really does make a huge difference.

Anyway, that is it for today. I apologise if the ramble above makes no sense as I'm so tired from my first week of school. Hope I can put up more posts than I am now, as need to practice my literary skills before they disintegrate completely, due to lack of essay subjects taken at A level. Currently, the subject where I do the most writing in is DT, so that is saying something! However, that probably isn't going to happen as I'm a terrible blogger.

P.S. Danke to all the lovely girlies who said my hair looked nice in my previous post, I actually did do something different to it! I had dyed the ends slightly more red again! You guys are so observant, I wouldn't have noticed! 

Friday, 7 September 2012

Back To School And Update

Tweed blazer - St Michael's @ M&S, top - Topshop via charity shop, trousers - mum's, shoes - M&S
I realise that this outfit is not exactly that inspiring and it's sort of similar to this outfit. It is really quite a boring outfit, but since it was our first day of school, I thought I might as well be a bit more conservative with my appearance as I don't want to get off on the wrong foot at Sixth Form. I thought I might as well post it as I do want to catch up with you guys and just have a little chat. There are a few things I want to tell you guys.
Vintage sunglasses:
They are actually worth £120!
If you remember this post from ages ago (if you do, you are a true ScatterrBrained fan!), I featured some vintage sunglasses. Being the boring middle-aged people my parents are, they decided to go on "Flog It!" and find out how much they are worth, along with some other antiques that we have. If you are not from the UK, "Flog It!" is a very English, day-time television program that has been broadcasting since the beginning of time, which is all about buying and reselling antiques in an auction to see how much money can be made. Turns out these turtle shell glasses are actually worth £120-£150, but my mum reckons they are worth more! We didn't sell they as they are a family heirloom and have a far greater sentimental value, but it was very interesting. Next time I shall definitely be more careful with these very fragile sunglasses as they are actually worth something.

That is it for today - my first day of school has made me feel so tired. I'm doing 5 subjects (maths, further maths, physics, chemistry and product design - resistant materials!). I was going to drop res mat, but today just reminded me how much I enjoy it! However, all these subjects have worn me out, yet somehow today, I feel more productive so I just had to put a blog post up, hence the boring outfit, but I hope it was alright for you guys.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Midnight Blue Velvet

Necklaces - markets around the world, blue velvet dress - charity shop, bag - China, tights - no idea, boots - Doc Martens, denim vest - mum's
Sometimes when I go into charity shops, I come out empty handed, but then other times I feel like the thrift gods have blessed me with good luck and put something in the rails which could pretty much could have been made for me. The last time the latter happened was when I managed to get this aztec/paisley/awesome waistecoat featured in this outfit post.

This time I managed to find this AMAZING crushed blue velvet baby doll dress with a black satin panel across the bodice. I mean how much more amazing and perfect for my style could it be! The best thing was that it only cost £1 in the sale rack of a local charity shop - win! On the tag it says it's from the "Next Runway Collection" and I've never seen Next sell anything like this before, which leads me to believe that this dress is pretty vintage. I also love how the blue velvet catches the light to become an electric/cobalt blue colour and just how well they match my blue Pascal Doc Martens. Ah I just love this dress so much! My only problem is that it is size 10 when I'm really a size 6-8, so I just have to tie the bow at the back of the dress really tight and I've made the straps as short as possible, to make sure the dress does not fall down.

Please excuse the fact that I stupidly decided to wear holey white tights with this outfit. To begin with, I thought I would be able to channel an ice-skater sort of look with the velvet, but it just ended up looking sort of incoherent with the rest of the outfit, but whatever!

I realise I have been the world's most terrible blogger, and I hate it when bloggers are constantly apologising on their blog, so that must mean I am also the world's biggest hypocrite. Since you guys probably realise that I hardly ever post regularly now, I am going to point you guys into the direction of two other bloggers who are probably my favourite bloggers of right now. They are just both so cool and I wish we could be friends in real life. :D
Angelina from "Angels and Lace"
Ah, so much tie dye, so many crazy prints, so much awesome. I just love this girls style and I personally think her little paragraphs underneath her outfits and the comments she leaves are so hilarious. She is just generally such a babe and so much cooler than I am. Everyone go follower her today as it's her 1 year blog anniversary and it would be awesome if she hit 100 followers today too!
Chrissy from "Chrissy Chrispy"
This girl has wicked style and absolutely awesome taste in shoes. I love all the print prints she incorporates into her clothes and I think it's so cool that she makes some of her own clothes as well! She also encouraged me to wear my hair in pigtails, despite the social conventions the tell me otherwise. Ah I just love her blog so much.

So everyone, go over, follow and fall in love their blogs as both girls deserved heaps more followers!

Ciao dahlings (and check out this awesome beyond belief signature courtesy of YCT (THANK YOU SO MUCH!))

Friday, 24 August 2012

Bleached Out

Shirt - DIY, barbed wire necklace - Topshop, green denim shirt - Camden, trousers - local shop, shoes - Doc Martens
This is really awkward as I've just realised that I've got my hands on my hips in all my poses and I've used the same photograph twice by accident... I cannot be bothered to take the photos again or re-edit them, so you'll just have to excuse the terrible photos. I think this outfit would've looked awesome if I had a camouflage jacket to go with it, but since I don't, my green denim shirt which you guys are probably getting very fed up with will have to do!

I made this t shirt myself and I'm super happy with how it turned out! I will definitely be bleaching more items as there are so many possibility that you could have with this technique. One thing I forgot was that the t-shirt would stretch over my boob area, so the yin-yang sign is a bit lopsided, but it's only a minor problem. Would you guys be interested in buying t-shirts like this if I were to sell them on an on-line store (they would only cost £7.00 ish + P&P!!).

If you want to know how I made this t-shirt myself, click below to watch my tutorial. A huge thanks to MP for doing the bleaching with me and helping me film! (Please excuse the fact that the thumbnail for the video is my arse...XD)

Anyway, on the brighter side of life, I got my GCSE results yesterday! I got 11A*s, 1 A, A in AS Chinese and A in additional maths. Wooop! My dad has said that he's going to buy me a new laptop as a reward for my awesome grades, so that will mean that I will be able to edit videos which are over 5 minutes long without take a week.

You guys are awesome for still reading my blog even though I am a terrible blogger when it comes to consistency. All I know is that I am consistently inconsistent! That is mainly because I have run out of clothes to blog about, thus I will be posting more outfit posts when I acquire new clothes.

Ciao dahlings,

Friday, 17 August 2012


Headband and spike earrings - Topshop, fern shirt- pound shop, necklace - Spitalfields, skater skirt - River Island, tights - Henry Holland, shoes - Vans
Wowza, the ends of my hair look SO red! They are actually super, super faded, but hey ho, if my camera is going to make them look extra bright, why not?!

This top is one which I recently hauled in this video, and it was only £1! Bargain! It really reminds me of a shirt one of my favourite bloggers featured in her recent outfit post: "Botany Bitch". Samira's sense of style is just so cool with it being so 90s inspired and edgy. I must say some of her posts are a bit x-rated, but that just makes it more fun and she is so hot in them!

The title of this post refers to the Latin name of the cool fern print of my polo shirt. Try saying it out loud!

Anyway, thanks a bunch for following my blog dudies - I have finally reached 150 followers, which means it's time for a giveaway. I will reveal all the details in the next post. How exciting!

Ciao dahlings,

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Mouldy Grandmas

Blazer/shirt thing - charity shop, fringe top - New Look, shorts - H&M, sandals - nicked off my sister (shhh!), earrings - xmas market
I'm not really a fan of this outfit to be honest, but I feel like it's high time that I posted something on this blog! I have only just realised that my top button of my shorts aren't done up... How scandalous!

The title of this post refers to the fact that this £1 blazer/shirt thing that I bought from a charity shop still smells of mouldy grandmas, even after going through the washing machine (an issue I mentioned in my haul video below!) Oh well, at least I look cool wearing it, even though it his rather massive, so I'm going to have to take it up a bit.

Other news include that I am going to do a giveaway once I hit 150 followers and it's going to be a good one - I have already picked out my prizes! Thus, there is no better time than now to hit follow on my blog as it is a giveaway that you are not going to want to miss.

Also in the mundane life of myself, A level results are coming out in two 2 days (I took AS level Chinese this year) and GCSE results in a weeks time which is rather daunting. I'm thinking of regarding myself opening my results and then posting it onto YouTube as I'm a massive internet nerd. Yay or nay?

Ciao for now!

Rebecca x

Monday, 6 August 2012

Spiked headband - Topshop, necklaces - Claire's and China, crop top - H&M, rainbow shorts - Motel Rocks, shoes - Docs, denim shirt - vintage
I know what you are thinking: "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN REBECCA!"

I apologise for my unprecedented hiatus from the blogosphere; I have just not been motivated to write. However, fear not! Once every blue moon, I am in a strange essay writing mood and today is one of those occasions. Today I am going utilise this rare phenomenon which comes upon me to talk to you guys about this band I have been enjoying: alt-J! I usually keep these longer posts on my second blog (PeaaBrained), but I have a few things I want to tell you guys, so unlucky you!

The title of this post refers to a band that I've been digging. Known as "alt-J"or "∆", this band is really having a huge impact on the music industry as of lately, since they are being loved by a plethora of musical taste makers everywhere.

The name of their band refers to the delta sign that is created when you press alt-J on your keyboard. The delta sign (little triangle) is also a mathematical sign that symbolises change, which appealed to the band as the new name came at a turning point of their lives. I think this is awfully clever and it very much appeals to my nerdy tendencies, thus I automatically had a penchant for this band, even before I even heard their music.

As for their album "An Awesome Wave", I think it is a work of art. I have listened to their entire album during the duration of putting together this post and really reminds me to the album "XX" by "The XX" in 2009 (can you believe that it was that long ago? I know I can't!). My favourite parts of the album are actually the interludes and the nostalgic samples used. The hip-hop break beats, xylophone solos, falsetto harmonies and folky melodies are also a killer combination. As you can probably tell, I am truly terrible at describing music, so I encourage you to listen to the entire album below. If you are new to them, I recommend their lead single "Tessellate", but my personal favourite songs are "Dissolve" and "Interlude II".
I reckon that they are the most "indie"/"hipster" band in the history of ever, especially with lyrics such as "triangles are my favourite shapes" - even the name of the band is a triangle! With that being said, I hope that they have similar, commercial success as the moody emos that make up the XX. It's always fun to witness the irony when their elitist, hipster bubble is popped by the enticing lure of wealthy broadcasting companies and transnational car companies wanting their music for advertisements.

Now I've just gone off on a tangent and I think it is time to end this spiel as it's gone way off topic!


P.S. My brain is turning into mush after watching the entire series of "Revenge" in two days... It's just so good! Anyone else watch it? I love Nolan!
P.P.S. You may notice something different about my blog header and my YouTube background. My super cool friend Jack from "Desirous Designs" made it for me. Please check out his YouTube for more of his design portfolio. He's great at doing 3D graphics, backgrounds and making YouTube introductions, so if you are interested, just message him and tell him I sent you! :)
P.P.P.S Apparently on my last post, the video link somehow seemed to miraculously disappear, so I've fixed that problem! Here is an amended link to my "What's In My Bag" video.
P.P.P.P.S. The awesome Riley from had a great give away which I was very lucky to win! Check out her blog here.
P.P.P.P.P.S. This has been a weird post - apologies for the verbal vomit. I really am out of practise when it comes to blogging. I will post a more coherent post ASAP!
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