Monday, 20 February 2012

Memoirs of being a Runescape Keeno

Back in the days of 2004, I was a fully-fledged Runescape keeno - I absolutely loved that game. If you don't know what it is, Runescape is basically "a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-player game" according to Wikipedia. You have a little avatar, who you can train, level up on skills such as prayer skills by burrying bones (wtf ikr), kill NPC monsters, complete quests, or interact with other players by chatting, trading or killing in the "Wilderness".
The old Runescape logo I used to know and love
I was in year 4 when I started playing the game, as my sister played it and as you do being the younger sibling, I just had to copy and play as well. I remember during the later part of year 5, some boys in my class started to play the game too, but I had already been playing for way over a year, so I thought I was just so cool, since I was better than all the boys.

Why I was a Runescape Keeno:
  •  I was level 56.
    • I know that lots of people are higher levels than this, but at this point,  I could fish for lobsters and chop down yew trees - I had basically unlocked everything that a non-member could do. I wasn't stupid enough to spend real money on becoming a member so I didn't level up anymore, even though it was possible. This was the sad point when I stopped playing Runescape, as there was nothing new left to do!
  • I looked awesome.  
    •  By the end of year 4, I had pretty much the best outfit, that your little person could possibly have. My username was "Mariella" as I really liked the name Maria/Marie at that time in my life, and she had aquamarine hair tired in a pony tail, and full suite of rune armour which consisted of a rune plate body, armour skirt, and helmet. I also had a rune shield and rune skirt too. This was pretty much the best that a non-member could wear.
    I basically wore this, but with a skirt instead (but I had both as I was cool like that)
    • I also had so many limited edition holiday editions such Santa hats and a yo-yo (that you could do tricks on) which would probably be worth a fortune now on Ebay, which is quite unfortunate, as if you don't play on it for 6 months, your account is deleted, so "Mariella" is long gone! 
      •  My favourite though, was this rubber chicken which was only avaliable from 21st March 2005 for two weeks. I remember you could whack people around the head with it.  
  • I completed every single quest for a non-member
    •   Yup, I was that keen. Quests were basically little adventures/storylines that you would complete by doing tasks, killing monsters and interacting with NPCs in order to get cash rewards, skill points or special items and abilities. I remember "training" long and hard to get my levels up high enough so I could complete the final quest, which was "Dragon-slayer". This was basically a task where you had to slay a Level 83 Dragon, which was very hard - at least for a 9 year old girl! Once I finally reached level 50, I was good enough to kill the dragon, but I the first time I attempted it, I died! If you don't know, when you die, you drop everything that you carry, so I would've been absolutely devastating if you were to, as everything that you were carrying would be lost (like armour). Luckily, I had befriended a nice guy, who had the magical ability to pick up items that you physically cannot reach, so he was nice and picked up all my expensive armour, and then I tried again and suceeded! I was honestly so happy that day.
  • I memorised the entire map of the Runescape world for a non-member
    •  Yes, I played the game so much (pretty much every day for a year - not even exaggerating)  that I knew my way round the entire land of Runescape without having to look at the map. I also knew all the short cuts that you could take and where all the good mines were for harvesting runes and fishing etc. One place I never explored though was "The Wilderness" - which apprently no longer exists! - where you could kill other players and steal their stuff. People would go round in "clans" and attack people together, in order to have their possessions. I was always scared of the Wilderness, so I hardly ever went there, in fear of losing my precious rune armour and rubber chicken. 

After I stopped playing Runescape, I started playing some other RPGs as well, but they were never as good. I played "Puzzle Pirates", but it was rubbish if you weren't a member, and also I never really got how it worked. Next was "Club Penguin", but at this stage I found it super childish and boring. I actually kind of miss those types of games though, perhaps I should start playing some again!

So that's about it. I wish I was a 9 years old and playing Runescape again. Those were the days.

Signing off!

Rebecca x

P.S.Yesterday was the last day of my BEDIHT, but as you probably may or may not (probably not!) have not noticed that I failed to post yesterday, which is absolutely terrible. However, I was so sleep deprived to the extent of having a terrible headache, so I went to sleep at 8pm, which for me, is extremely early! Anyway, I did managed to post 9 times in total over half term and since there were 9 days in half term, I think I have succeeded! Yippee!
P.P.S I know I said a few posts ago I hated this song, but this song is growing on me! I love Sleigh Bells, and how they have juxtaposed the hard thrash-y sound with the bubblegum pop melody. It's definitely something that you either love or hate.


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