Monday, 16 January 2012

"I want to be pretty..."

Poor blog!

... I hear my blog cry. Yes, I think it is about time that I make my blog aesthetically beautiful. I’ve decided that February* is going to be the month of home improvements on ScatterrBrained. As you can probably tell, I have made quite a few changes already. RIP old format! (I should’ve print screened it)

What I have done already:

1.       BACKGROUND - Probably the most obvious difference is the omission of the cartoon brain, tiled background. I loved the obnoxiousness and quirky aspect of it, but I think it’s time to opt for a more mature look. Instead I have changed it do a dark purpled-toned gray.
2.       HEADER – Gone is the loathsome bubblegum pink back ground and childish font, since pink is my least favourite colour. Instead I have replaced it with an image of a real nebula, which I took from my “Tag! You’re it!” post, as I just realised how pretty it is. I usually hate the font Courier New but I thought that it suited the space aged look.
3.       PAGES - Deleted them entirely since I only had 2 pages, 1 which was home with all my posts, and 2, a “About me” page which was completely vacant.
4.       FAVICON – I changed the favicon so it is a cute little brain!

What I want to do, but can’t seem to do as Blogger is pissing me off/I’m a noob at HTML:

1.       HYPERLINKS – for some annoyingly annoying reason, all my hyperlinks are a grotesque bright blue colour, even though I’ve changed the settings template’s advanced settings. Perhaps it is just a glitch, but it’s genuinely ruining the entire aura that I am trying to convey on my blog.
2.       BORDER AROUND THE HEADER – Why is there that horrendous light pink boarder around my beautiful nebula? I google-ed it, and it told me to change some HTML code. Even though editing the HTML to be feels like open heart surgery, I found the bit of code I was looking for, but it said the value was 0 already!!! If anyone is a wiz at that sort of stuff, please could you help me!

Here are some of my favourite fashion/style blogs which also happen to be absolutely gorgeously made too.

1)      Zoella
a.       Very popular blog, with quite a girly design.

a.       Mentioned in my post about Inspirational blogs, this blog is very simplistic with its design, but well put together. I particularly like the hand drawn header, and how the images in the posts are cool toned to match the colour scheme of the blog

3)      Meek~N~Mild
a.       The design has, as the post there mentions, very clean lines, making it look very professional and sharp. I like how everything is centred, rather than aligned left.

4)      VIPXO
a.       I really like how the aquamarine colour is used as a highlight throughout the blog, and also how the image of her is a .GIF.

5)      Noir Nouvelle
a.       Probably one of best put together blog, with a consistent theme that is light water colours.

What I have noticed in all these blogs:

1)      Consistency: probably the main thing which I have noticed in these blogs is that, whatever theme the blog has, it is consistent through out.
2)      Width: The screen shots are quite deceiving, since I zoomed out when taking them, but something which was common was that very little background as the width of the blogs were very wide, with only thin margins.
3)      Big Pictures: most images are very large, pretty much filling the entire width of the blog.
4)      Large Headers: most headers took up about 1/3 of the web page space, and very clearly stated the name of the blog.

What I am planning to do in the future:

1.       FONT – I want to change the entire font of the bulk of my text, to something more sophisticated and chic than Calibri. However, at the moment, I am writing my posts in Microsoft Word and then copying and pasting them into Blogger, the text is already formatted in that font, and so I’m not sure how to change the whole lot of it. I have a feeling this will involve some more HTML editing though, eek!
2.       ABOUT ME – I want to have a little icon and description this blog and me in at the top of the right hand margin.
3.       CUSTOM URL – I am tempted to buy my URL (it’s only $10) so it is memorable and professional. However, the typo in ScatterRBrained, would bug me so much, but I think it’s too late to go back now!
4.       MAKE IT LOOK BEAUTIFUL AND PROFESSIONAL – This is my end goal.

So, with an entire new look and atmosphere surrounding ScatterrBrained, I feel like its optimum time to also slightly change the direction of my blog. Of course, there will be the usual impromptu posts of whatever comes into mind and the ~bonus nuggets of knowledge~, but I also want to start to include more fashion/styling posts. The January sales mean that I have bought quite a few new items, so I finally feel content with my clothing. Thus, I am going to commence a new series on this blog, where I am going to post outfit’s of the days, or in my case, outfit of this Saturday. Why Saturday? Well the other 5 days of the week I wear school uniform, and on Sunday, I usually lounge around in whatever, so yeah. I’m currently thinking of a name for this series, perhaps Saturday Stylings, but not so lame?

So everyone, be honest, do you prefer this format or the old one with the brains? Comment below!

Thanks for your support!

Rebecca x

P.S. *you are probably wondering why it’s home improvements February, rather than January. Until the end of this month, I am ridiculously busy. By that I mean, biology, chemistry and physics exams, Arkwright exam, 2x maths mocks, 2x speeches to prepare for, all my resistant materials coursework in for next week (ARGH!) and two sets of music coursework to be completed by the end of the month, even though I haven’t even started my second composition yet. I honestly don’t know I’m wasting my time at the moment writing this post! I want to stick to posting on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday and Sunday, if there is a slight blogging hiatus, this is not because I have disappeared off the face of the earth. That is of course, unless I get abducted by aliens... 
P.P.S The HTML of this post is for some reason messed up too. Darn computers. 

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