Monday, 2 April 2012

Trash Telly

Today as I was having a walk down our street, it suddenly hit me that if you look into every single household, there is always a television flickering in the living room and usually a family congregated around it. This made me think about the power media has on our lives. I was going to write a deep and meaningful post on it, but then I decided I cannot be bothered, so instead, I am going to write a post on all the trash telly that I watch!

I don't spend that much time in a week watching tv, but there are a few shows that have been on lately and I have been enjoying. They are all pretty lighthearted, superficial and meaningless, but that's what I like about them. I like to think that I am an intellectual person, but I really am not, especially with my choice of television programs.

The Apprentice
Ah, I have always liked the business aspect of the show, but what I find most entertaining is the misfortune of some contestants on the show. Sometimes these egotistical contestants gets things so wrong and seem so stupid and therefore I enjoy it thoroughly. Even though there has only been two episodes in this series, some of the contestants seem absolutely rubbish and have no common sense. I am currently rooting for Duane Bryan out of the boys, and Laura Hog out of the girls, but time will tell their fates. I can't believe the girls went with "Splish-splash" instead of the tap cozzie, and the boys went for the bin instead of the scourer rubber clothes. Silly people.

A compilation of funny Apprentice mugshots that I found on Google Images
Here is a video about the true meaning behind the Apprentice.

Waterloo Road
The acting on Waterloo Road is absolutely terrible, yet I find this show so addictive to watch. This week's episode had this weird "To Kill a Mockingbird"-esque storyline which was extremely badly presented. Even though the acting is outstandingly bad, I seem to always get so emotional watching it. I do think it's good that they do address a wide range of social issues, but most of the time the storyline is completely unbelievable.

Again, this a show where the story lines are beyond ridiculous. It is just constantly about sex, drugs, violence and drinking, but yet again I seem to keep watching it. The acting is not as dire on Skins compared to Waterloo Road, but only very marginally. One thing I did used to like about it was its visual look of it - I really liked the characters individual looks and outfits. However, now in this series, they have a new stylist, and he/she is a load of rubbish. Frankie and Rich now look so unlike their characters personalities. I liked it when they were all stereotypical and extreme. The only person who still seems to be dressed with some sense of individuality is Alo!
I realise their characters have changed, but could their stylists be any lazier?
Take Me Out
Okay, this is really embarrassing, but this is a guilty pleasure. The guys are always so cocky and the girls are so desperate. The dates never seem to work out as the guys can only chose the girls based on appearance, and some girls are so desperate that they fling themselves at anyone who comes down the love lift. Nonetheless, this show is a bit of fun, and I can't deny that I enjoy it.

The Voice
This was a show I wasn't really expecting much out of, but I have really been enjoying it lately. Reasons why I like it:
  • The judges are all pretty good, even though no one seems to know who the dude from The Script is, but he seems pretty popular with the ladies.
  • They seem to gel really well, unlike BGT where none of the judges ever talk to each other. 
  • The focus is on the good singers, rather than mocking the misfortune of the terrible ones.
However, it does have some things that aren't so great as since there is the gimmick-ey "blind" audition, lots of great singers are missed. Some of the contestants also seem really annoyingly arrogant. But all in all, this is for filling my need for a dose of reality tv on a Saturday, so I am happy.

Tis all for today,

Rebecca x

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