Saturday, 28 April 2012

Hoochie mamas, show your nanas!

Today I have a music post for your guys today, since the weather has been beyond rubbish with continuous showers so I have not been able to take any outfit photographs, which is rather annoying. It's only a short one, but hey, it's quality over quantity and I think today's included some awesome tunes.

Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans ft. Azealia Banks (Smims&Belle Extended Remix)

Okay, I know I should stop mentioning Lana Del Rey, but this remix of "Blue Jeans" featuring Azealia Banks is so slick and makes me want to rave.

Just generally King Charles
I'm literally so so happy to have found King Charles - every single song I have heard from him I loved. His music is so sincere, quirky and likable. If you like bands such as Vampire Weekend or The Maccabees, then you'll like him. Plus I am also a huge fan of his flamboyant look with his dreads and moustache. He slightly reminds me Darwin Deez, but he's portraying more a 80s dork look, when King Charles is definitely more 17th Century English-esque.
These two guys epitomise cool.
I love his music so much, its hard to recommend just a few songs as in one interview, he said that he liked to include lots of elements from various musical genres, thus all his songs are often quite different
I love how light-hearted "Bam Bam" is. It's just a cool song that makes me happy and is all-encompassing of his awesomeness. And oh my, that hip thrusting...
This is the first song I heard from him on the radio and it is awesome. I love the steel drums as it slightly reminds me of The Lion King, but slightly cooler, if that is possible!

I also recommend "O'England" for something a bit more folky and acoustic but nonetheless very beautiful. If something electropop-ey, then "Julia Nostalgia" is for you, but unfortunately neither of these songs have been put on Youtube which makes me very sad. If you like something more indie and definitely very Vampire Weekend influenced, check out "Love Blood". If you can't tell, I've been really getting into King Charles recently!

Blood Orange - Champayne Coast
I found this dude from Florence and the Machine's Facebook feed since he will be supporting her on her US tour and I trust that lady's judgement 100%, and I am so happy I did. This guy combines R&B grooves with atmospheric keyboards, creating something really chill and awesome. If I had to compare him to something similar, the closest I can think of is Jamie Woon (who I LOVE), but less vocal lead and more emphasis on the beats. It's just a really cool and effortless sound: check it out!

Jack White's entire album - Blunderbuss
Okay, I promise I will stop mentioning Jack White soon, but I have finally been able to listen to his album in the entirety and it is ridonculously good. I'm not going to link a song as they are all epic so just go listen to the album already!

S Club 7 - S Club Party
Okay, I've had some peer pressure from some of my friends to include some S Club 7 in this music post, so here it is "S Club Party". I really do miss music like this, so recently we have been rolling into school with these tunes being banged out from the car stereo. "Ghetto boys, make some noise! Hoochie mamas, show your nanas!"- such words of wisdom.
See you tomorrow with hopefully an outfit post, if it stops rainings - it's ironic since we are apparently experiencing "drought" conditions.

Rebecca x

P.S. Hello new followers, you are rad.
P.P.S. I think I'm going to make rad my new word as I'm pretty sure it's just about to make a comeback.


  1. Love that your blog is part style part music. Check mine out and we can follow each other!

  2. I adore King Charles, his song LoveBlood never fails to get me dancing <3


  4. omg S CLUB I listen to them when I was like 9-10 maaan miss the 90ties :(


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