Saturday, 21 April 2012

90's Nostalgia

Even though I was only the ages of 0-4 years old during the 90s, for some reason lately, I have been really obsessed and inspired by with 90's style fashion, mostly due to the fact that I have discovered some awesome fashion bloggers recently.
Oh yeahhh
Things I want: 
Turtleneck crop top:
Combining two trends into one, I never thought I would like a turtle neck again. However, recently, I have been opting for high collared clothes and this with high waisted jeans, hair up in a high pony tail would be awesome. Unfortunately, the only brand I've seen selling them is American Apparel and I'm afraid I'm not rich enough to afford them.
The inspiration:
Oh I love beanies, but I can never wear hats as my head always gets far too hot and I get a headache. I am on a mission to find a really thin beanie as I feel like I have been missing out.
The inspiration:
This girl's blog is so 90's-tastic I love it:
Yin-yang necklace, spiked choker and tattoo choker: 
I am on a mission to find these necklaces as I have suddenly had a desire to own them. I remember my sister a decade ago wearing necklaces exactly like this, it's funny how things always come back into fashion (or at least I think they're cool again). I already have a spiked collar necklace but the spikes are so measly and tiny - I want one that can impale. I can't find the stretchy black necklace ANYWHERE though. :(
The inspiration: 
This blog has quickly become my favourite fashion blog:

 And here are some clothing items not related to the 90's, but I still want them anyway. 
  1. Lace cycling shorts: I have this weird vision in my head of them being paired under some black high-waisted denim shorts and looking awesome. I can't seem to find any anywhere though! 
  2. Converses: I need these in my life - perhaps change the laces to some coloured ones?
  3. Army jacket: I'd like a jacket like this, but slightly more over sized, chunkier with lots of pockets and sewed on patches. I think I'm going to have to go to Camden soon again, as I saw loads being sold there.
Lastly, here is some 90's music for you to enjoy.
 So yeah, that's what I want to buy as I love trying to be cool.

Rebecca x
P.S. The formatting of the pictures are really pissing me off, but I can't be bothered to change them.
P.P.S. Here is a bonus GIF I made earlier as I think I'm cool.
Don't take this serious.
P.P.P.S. And here a bonus furby as we all used to love these creepy things.


  1. I had one of those stretchy choker things when I was like 6! I am confident that it was from a party bag! ^_^

  2. I had a purple dance crop top like that AA one for dance in 2003 when I was 9, haha x


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