Sunday, 8 April 2012

Paris Day One: Arrival

Today we went on the 11.24 Eurostar train from Kings Cross St. Pancreas, to Paris Nord and commenced our Paris holiday. Here are some things I noticed:
The negatives:
  • The first thing that happened when we got out of the train carriage is that some very rude people barged us out of the way in the station. 
  • Lots of people in France smoke.
  • We don't have a complementary breakfast in our hotel! 
  • Parks in Paris don't seem to have grass - just all this white sand. As it as not rained in a while here, it was so dusty. Today it was ridiculously windy, so there was a full blown sand storm in my face. 
My boots after walking through the park. 
The positives:
  • Paris is known as the city of love and there were also quite a few Chinese couples having wedding photos taken in front of the landmarks with their obnoxious dresses. We saw a total of three couples having these pictures taken within about 10 minutes - they seemed so Chinese and so out of place.
  • I set next to this REALLY cute Chinese toddler on the Eurostar. She had her hair in little bunchies, and had a bunny ears headband. Odd, how the only 5 Chinese people in our entire carriage ended up on the same row... 
  • Since we only arrived at around 3pm, we just decided to go out and have a walk around town. Here are some random pictures my dad took. 
With cool HDI settings, although the white balance is a bit messed. 
Tomorrow, I will take over the photography, as my dad took these images today. Hopefully I will get some good ones.

See you tomorrow,

Rebecca x
P.S. I'm afraid that these posts are going to have to be quite late, as I am really tired after entire days out. I might just save them to all do at once at the end of the holidays, but I don't want to break my BEDIE.

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