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A diary entry from 3rd April 2007

Today I was a bit brain dead for what to write for today's post, so I looked in one of my old note books and found a diary entry I wrote 5 years ago on this very day, when I was 10 years old. Back then during the holidays, I would also aim to try and write longer diary entries, but would often fail as I wasn't very persistent. However, this day was one where I actually wrote alot, and I thought I might as well share it with you guys. I do still remember this day very vividly as I was during the Easter holidays, and I did enjoy it very much. Below, I have copied out the diary entry, letter for letter, thus there are some terrible spelling mistakes, but I thought I might as well leave them in for authenticity.
3rd April 2007
Today was a cool day coz it was Kathryn's b-day! lol! In the mornin' I woke up and got dressed (as usual). I was gunna wear the pink top I love but mum was stupid and didn't wash da clothes so I had to wear this green choosbi top. 

Anyway, Mary came round and we dug a hole and found clay. Mary came round because it was Kathryn's birthday. Yay! 

Kathyrn party was sooo cool We went to the pottery project as it was amazing! lol before that, when Kathryn picked me up and Mary. It was sooo imbarasing coz the house was a tip! 
Anyway, at the party we chose an object to paint. I chose a gecko. I really wanted the penguin but the other Rebecca allready picked it up. Grrr!!Anyway, my gecko looked quite good, but I think I did too many dots on it! Oh well! By the time the other Rebecca had done three things, most of us only had done one!

After the painting, we went back to KT's house. We played in the garden for a while. We did this couse thing. It was really dumb coz Emma, she went round to the shed leaving Mary, Ellie and me behind when when me and ellie did it, we got told off well badly! Stupid Emma. Then we ate and watched this "Queen's Nose" which was sooo lame but the "Clutter Nutters" was on and that was good. Then we played more games and then we went home. 

Just before I started writing this, I made a timetable of what I'm gunna do in the holidays. By gum I've made myself do a lot of work! (I signed it) The holiday isn't really a holiday for me! I've given myself to much work. Oh well, it's good me isn't it? I'm getting tired now so nighty-night. 

P.S. How come no one is every on Msn? It wierd!
My thoughts on the diary entry
  • My style of writing back then is still so similar to how it is now. I still over use exclamation marks and have terrible spelling
  • I don't think your stupid Emma! I just call anyone who annoyed me stupid. It just got really angry back then as I got into trouble for going round the back of the shed, when she didn't! I remember there was a Tracy Beaker style wig in that shed, and it amused us greatly by trying it on.
  • I clearly remember digging up the clay, and then making it into a little man who we then painted with a red long sleeved t-shirt and blue jeans. However, since he was made out of clay we literally dug up, he quickly disintegrated and limbs were falling out. 
  • I am still really proud of my gecko that I painted. I'll insert an image of it here.
Still quite pleased with how this turned out.
I thought I was hilarious by writing "Hand Painted by Me"
  • I can't believe I wrote "by gum". 
  • Even back then I was obsessed with the Internet, and I remember chatting on MSN with a variety of emoticons was all the rage.  
  • I also used to use P.S. in my diary entries then, as I do now!!!
  • In addition, back then I also used to miss out words when I wrote my diary entry! This is something only my friend the other week pointed out - sometimes when I write posts quickly or do not proof read them, I have sentences that have entire words omitted and I would not notice. This is mostly likely simply because my brain is working faster than my fingers. I suppose I had the same problem even back then. 
My conclusion
Reading this diary entry back again has just made me realised I haven't particularly changed over the last 5 years. Yes, I have matured, but my attitude, things that get me annoyed and priorities in life really haven't changed. I still care alot about my clothes, get easily annoyed by some situations, and am very motivated and driven to do something productive during holidays. However, with the last point, I never seem to succeed in.

Even though it is only technically the second day of the Easter break, I am already getting into some sort of weird routine, that I strangely enough seem to really be enjoying:
  • 10.00-11.00am: wake and get up
  • 12.00-12.30pm: have brunch/lunch/breakfast
  • 12.30- 8.00pm: mill around all day doing pointless stuff
  • 8.00-10.00pm: do some Chinese revision
  • 10.00pm-11.00pm: write a blog post
  • 11.00pm-1.00am: read the hunger games
  • 1.00-10.00am: sleep
  • ...et répétez

Rebecca x
P.S. I have a few more diary entries similar to this about my 2007 Easter holiday. You interested in a few more?
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  1. I REMEMBER THE LITTLE MAN!!! In geography everyone was saying clay was grey but I remembered that when me and Rebecca dug up some clay it was definitely brown!!!


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