Monday, 16 April 2012

A Hairy Dilemma

Everyone seems to like talking about hair, so I'm currently planning what to do next with my barnet. The red ends have faded a fair bit, but the bottom of my hair is still pretty light compared to the rest of my hair. I still love the red, but I'm getting a bit bored of it.
A quick image just to show you guys what my hair looks like now. My face looked stupid, so I covered it with a yummy cheese burger...
The Options: 
  •  Go over the ombre with the same, permanent red dye
    1. Damage caused: pretty bad
    2. Longevity: very long
    3. Awesome factor: average
  • Go over the bottom red bit of my hair with a semi permanent red/other colour (will blue make purple?), such as manic panic or something. This way, my hair will not be damaged anymore, but I can imagine this being very messy and lasting not very long or being very vibrant.
    1. Damage caused: minimal
    2. Longevity: short
    3. Awesomeness factor: average
  • Bleach the life out of the ends. I mean, the ends are pretty much dead anyway, I might as well squeeze any last moisture out of it. This way, the ends will be very light, so I can go over with a semi permanent and it will be super vibrant and I can change the colours if I wish. My ends will truly be frazzled, so I assume I'll have to get them hacked off, but it will be fun whilst it lasts. 
    1. Damage caused: apocalyptic to my hair
    2. Longevity: short
    3. Awesomeness factor: off the scale 
  • Say tah-tah to the dip-dye and go short. 
    1. Damage caused: none - it will be better for my hair 
    2. Longevity: as long as I want
    3. Awesomeness factor: not sure, depends on how it turns out.
Hair Inspiration: 

Here are some reasons why I want to go short - these people are super awesome...
  1.  Kat from On the Ganges;
  2. Sarah from ClothesEncounters
  3. Claire from Stolen From Grandma
  4. Christine from christeric
  5. Buttercup from Powerpuff Girls
I couldn't find a decent song with the word "short" in the title, so I thought I may as well settle for a short length song.
But I could stay long like these awesome people...
  1. Jenn from ClothesEncounters
  2. Lidi from GiddyLidi
  3. Random girl from Google
  4. Brittany from Britkneegirl1
  5. Marge from The Simpsons
Oh I love this song and video so much.

That is all for today!

Rebecca x
P.S. School has yet again commenced for the summer term. This means exams are just around the corner, eek!


  1. I think you should bleach the ends and dye them blue....for sure :D

  2. I love Jenn and Sarah from clothesencounters!



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