Monday, 2 April 2012

Day of in the life of a stereotypical female

As I was mentally planning out this post about my day today, I realised that it conformed to the oldest gender stereotypes - I spent the day cooking and shopping (I'm afraid I don't clean). I spent the day with MP, and we went into town shopping and afterwards decided to cook dinner for my rents.


The leggings and a closeup of my crotch. I still need to work out how this camera works... though thought I may as well include it. Made it black and white to make it seem "artistic".
Ah, I love shopping. My main aim was to find a prom dress, but I was quickly sidetracked. I bought this pair of stripey leggings (first mentioned wanting them in this post) at last! They are literally everywhere on the high street, seeing as most shops all seem to carry the same stock. I got these from this shop called "Hype", which from the outside looks terrible, but has turned out to be where I seem to spend most of my money! It has a load of the same stock as more expensive shops, but for really low prices (nothing is more than £10) and they change their stock really regularly, so everytime I go there, after some digging, I find something new and awesome. This has also taught me to buy anything I see that catches my eye, as it will probably be gone the next time I go. Apart from these leggings being slightly too big since they are size 10 and the fact that they are more white than black, they are pretty much perfect. I especially like the thick polyester material, instead of thin cotton as I can wear them as trousers without fear of the dreaded camel toe. Also, they were only 7 squid. 

I'm not 100% sure why I bought this dress; it makes me look like a crazy dark gypsy/hippy lady, but I love it. I have decided that I am going to attempt to make my dress sense more out there and interesting over the course of this year, instead of conforming to the bland, boring attire of the masses. Therefore, I thought I might as well jump in the deep end with this tie-dye dress. It was only £7 from New Look in the sale and it looks good hitched up so it looks like a short dress as well. 

It's good to know that it is still possible to find some great bargains on the high street, if you search hard enough and know what you are looking for. One sad thing is that, however, it is becoming increasingly vacant, as more and more shops fall into administration. 

Here is a little crop top that I really wanted to buy from Topshop but I ended up not picking it up, although now I slightly regret it. It literally screams out for me to buy it, but when I tried it on, the size 8 was slightly too big. Now I kinda really want it, since I have a £20 Topshop voucher, but I do think that £12 is extortionate for half a top... But I can imagine so many awesome outfits with it. Oh what a predicament!
1st outfit has a 90s grunge vibe. Crop top would be worn under the checked shirt, which  would be unbuttoned, but tied at the waist. 2nd outfit would have the crop top underneath the sheer black over sized shirt, buttoned up to the top.
Today, I decided to make potato gratin with MP and I think it turned out pretty good. We accompanied it with this savoy cabbage and chicken stir fry, which we made up ourselves. We improvised the chicken marinade, but it turned out well. Afterwards, we realised that there was not enough veg, so we also added a rocket and various other veg salad, topped with some improvised oil and vinegar dressing. It was actually quite fun and here are a few things I realised:
  • This was probably the first time I've formally cooked for my entire family. It feels good to know that you have the capability to feed a family. I just hope no one ends up with food poisoning.
  • Chicken that you buy from the supermarkets is horrible. It was ridiculously fatty and oily, compared to some guinea fowl breast that we had in our fridge and decided to add to the chicken. 
  • Savoy cabbage is ridiculously cheap (ours was only 50p and we only used about half of it) Overall, the meal only cost £4.20 for 4 people, so I think that is pretty darn good. 

So yes, that was my day. I hope not all the other day's post in my BEDIE are not as mundane as this one. I didn't really know what to write about. Sorry.

Here are some of the things I want to achieve over Easter (carrying on from yesterday's post)
  1. Start a jewellery making business
    1. Wow, that makes it sound rather elaborate, but I really want to start making some of my own jewellery to sell. I have already started making lists of all the supplies I need to purchase before I can start making. It's something I've wanted to for a while now and I can't wait to get started.
  2. Blog Every Day In Easter (BEDIE)
  3. Go do some shopping
  4. Start my revision
Good day,

Rebecca x
P.S. My dad has just bought a new Canon PowerShot G1X, which is an absolute dream to use. The interface is not particularly user friendly, but I am slowly learning how to use it. Now all I need to do is to figure out a way of taking pictures of myself, then I can finally start my fashion blog. Woop.

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