Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Raging Cows of Boxmoor - The Standoff

Today instead of writing an extensive post, I thought I might as well make a video about a humourous event that occurred today.

And yipee I have finally figured out how to use HTML to embed a Youtube video. And please ignore my shrieking in the video - I was very excited.

Today I went to an antique shop in Boxmoor known as "The Swan". Then we bumped into these cows and went home. I should've brought a decent camera to take so shots as it was so lovely and sunny outside but my dad was in a bad mood so I didn't want to ask him. Instead I took some snaps with my phone camera, which is okay, but doesn't compare with my dad's Canon or Nikon. Nonetheless here they are:

This old man accompanied by his old dog was so cute!
Sigh, could've been so good if I brought a decent camera :(
I will have a better post tomorrow!

Rebecca x


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