Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Spitalfields and Brick Lane Haul and a Special Announcement

Shirt - This Shop Rocks in Brick Lane, satin trousers - Cheap Monday, shoes - New Look, necklace - Spitalfields
Here are the three items that I bought when I went to Spitalfields, Camden and Brick Lane last Thursday!

It's not very often that I find clothes that I literally love, and this shirt has to be one of them. I bought it from a vintage store called "This Shop Rocks" on Brick Lane and when I tried it on, I knew it was for me. It's from the 1960s and only £15! What initially drew me in was fact that the collar is very long and of course the awesome pattern. However, when I tried it on, it fit perfectly which is rare for me. I also love this shirt as its quite warm and very versatile - I can wear it like this as a shirt, not tied in a knot as a dress, and its even thick enough to wear it as a sort of shirt blazer.  I guarantee this shirt will feature in more future outfit posts and I have decided that this is my joint favourite shirt along with this one.
I also bought these two necklaces too, both from Spitalfields market for £1 each! I really wanted a chunky chain so I'm glad I came across the one on the right. As for the one on the right, I have decided that it is my favourite necklace of all time - I was actually going to buy one similar to it from River Island for an extorionate price, so I'm so glad I found it too. An interesting fact about the one on the left is that says that it was made in Western Germany, meaning that it is also a vintage item as my limited historic knowledge tells me that Western Germany only existed from the 50s through to the 80s. Cool stuff.

For a more (extremely) detailed account of that day, check out my first ever blog post on my second blog, PeaaBrained!

Yes, that's right, PeaaBrained has finally launched (insert fanfair)
Yes, thank you very much for the 15 of you who voted on my poll - I have finally decided to make my second blog! I am super proud of my header and the format of my second blog - I think I like it even better than this blog! I spent a ridiculous amount of time arranging the peas to make this header, especially because I used frozen peas so they would keep rolling around everywhere, but hey, that's the whole point of study leave right?

Anyway, I've made this second blog, so people who only follow me to see picture of me pulling awkward faces whilst prancing around my garden aren't innondated/bombarded with my rambly, rambly life/personal posts. However, if you are interested in all that jazz, then head over and why not follow it? We come in peas! 


Rebecca x

P.S. Please excuse the lack of consistancy in the images today. I took the photographs on this Canon Powershot instead of the usual Nikon and I used an auto setting rather than program setting, so the settings kept changing!
P.P.S I am also very sorry for the lack of posts - I feel like a terrible blogger! However, now I am attempting to blog again every day again, on either blogs, so please follow if you wish to stay tuned!


  1. I love that top and your necklace <3

  2. I love your tee and shoes and really thank you for your comments on my blog!

  3. very cute outfit! I love the top!

  4. I love your blouse and necklaces :)

    -Sydney xo

  5. Tienes un estilo impresionante para tu edad.
    Me encanta. <3
    Saludos desde México

  6. aww cute outfit! the peaabrained header looks amazing!

  7. OMg the print on that shirt is Totes Amazee! H5 and those necklaces only one pound woww I've constantly been hearing worderful things about brick lane but I reckon this post has pushed me over the edge and I might just have to find an exuse to take a trip down to london during the hols Haha and don't be apologetic about lack of post your last post was like 3days ago mine was on the 4th of May!! I know terrible right its just all these exams I seriously need to fix up although its all over on the 15th Yaay omg why do I always ramble when I comment on your posts ok I'm stopping Haha wonderful post dear!xoxox


  8. wow that shirt is amazing - come and check out my New Look giveaway its a goo dun!

  9. Oooooh gorgeous! I never really find anything I want in Brick Lane! I always find amazing stuff in Camden Market though :)

  10. Love your shirt, the colours are amazing!

  11. so perfect! loving the tiny details of this outfit!!!
    xo TJ

  12. awesome shirt I love the pattern.great great find xx


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