Friday, 7 September 2012

Back To School And Update

Tweed blazer - St Michael's @ M&S, top - Topshop via charity shop, trousers - mum's, shoes - M&S
I realise that this outfit is not exactly that inspiring and it's sort of similar to this outfit. It is really quite a boring outfit, but since it was our first day of school, I thought I might as well be a bit more conservative with my appearance as I don't want to get off on the wrong foot at Sixth Form. I thought I might as well post it as I do want to catch up with you guys and just have a little chat. There are a few things I want to tell you guys.
Vintage sunglasses:
They are actually worth £120!
If you remember this post from ages ago (if you do, you are a true ScatterrBrained fan!), I featured some vintage sunglasses. Being the boring middle-aged people my parents are, they decided to go on "Flog It!" and find out how much they are worth, along with some other antiques that we have. If you are not from the UK, "Flog It!" is a very English, day-time television program that has been broadcasting since the beginning of time, which is all about buying and reselling antiques in an auction to see how much money can be made. Turns out these turtle shell glasses are actually worth £120-£150, but my mum reckons they are worth more! We didn't sell they as they are a family heirloom and have a far greater sentimental value, but it was very interesting. Next time I shall definitely be more careful with these very fragile sunglasses as they are actually worth something.

That is it for today - my first day of school has made me feel so tired. I'm doing 5 subjects (maths, further maths, physics, chemistry and product design - resistant materials!). I was going to drop res mat, but today just reminded me how much I enjoy it! However, all these subjects have worn me out, yet somehow today, I feel more productive so I just had to put a blog post up, hence the boring outfit, but I hope it was alright for you guys.


  1. Duuuude your hair looks really cool here. Idk why it looks more awesome than usual...methinks it's tiredness kicking in. Yo' lace shirt is way cool. WANT.

  2. i love your hair so much! cute outfit :) and i remember those beaut sunglasses! x

  3. i love your hair so much.
    the outfit is amazing. i ike the top alot and the shoes are super pretty.
    the coat is very pretty as well :)
    have a nice day ♥

  4. loving the hair.

    wowzers cant believe your glasses are that pricey.

    J x

  5. I love that jacket, and your hair is really amazing, ah jealous! x

  6. I like how you paired this look with some neutral shoes, very good choice. That boyfriend-fit blazer looks amazing and you're really rocking those trousers :)


  7. love the outfit and your hairs amazzing!! those glasses are soo cute! ive started sixth form too and they are do strict! we all havevto wear suits :( xx

  8. I really like the outfit! I also like your blog, so I'm a new follower =)


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