Monday, 6 February 2012

More Newfangled Music

I have kind of been sticking to my New Year's resolution of listening to more music, so here I am again with a list that I have compiled of new songs that I have been enjoying these few weeks.

I've been loving...

Jack White – Love interruption
Jack White is back with a solo album after The White Stripes announced their split. I am very excited to hear the rest of his album! I find the picture really funny too in the background of the video, reminds be of Edward Scissorhands, but in a good way. 

Band of skulls – Sweet sour

I mentioned Band of Skulls on my blog post yesterday and since then, I've discovered this song and it's awesome. I can image it being epic if it was background music for an advert for Toxic Waste sweets. 

Beyonce – Love on top
No one can deny that Beyonce is such a power-house. When I first heard this song, I couldn't take it seriously, due to borderline ridiculous, sheer amount of cheesy semi-tone key changes. Just when you think the song is going to end, it just keeps on going higher and higher. I can imagine this song being played on an infinite loop forever for torturing prisoners, until it reaches dog pitch. On a serious note, it is really good song; I am liking the retro/Jackson 5 vibe to it. 

Madeon - Icarus
The French definitely produce the best electronic music producers (such as Daft Punk). It's crazy to think that the guy who produced this track is only 2 years older than me, and in pictures he looks like he's younger! This record reminds me flying through space, rainbows and shininess. His song "Pop Culture" is also very good, as he mixes in samples from a variety of popular records. Definitely one to look out for in the future. 

Young Guns - Bones

I must say, I'm quite uneducated when it comes to Young Guns - I haven't heard many of their songs, but this has been playing alot of Radio 1 recently, and I'm liking it. Good, solid rock song.

I have been hating...
Cover Drive - Twilight
No need to elaborate. It's s**t. I'm not even going to post a link to it, as it's that bad. And to think this was the UK best selling single last week. There is no hope!

Ed Sheeran - Drunk

Madonna featuring Nicki Minaj and M.I.A - Give me all your lurvin'
Madonna is back with this terrible, terrible song. "Every record sounds the same", yes they certainly do Madge. This song bares huge resemblance to Nicole Roberts' "Dance to the Beat of my Drum", possibly the worse song produced in this century so far (yes, even worse than Rebecca Black's "Friday"). Oh please, Madonna, can you stop singing songs intended for girls half your age? And please explain what on earth is happening at 1.46, are you attempting to breast-feed a doll or something?!?! That is something that could mentally scar young children - it has already scarred me! 
On the flip side, I actually (surprisingly) thought that Nicki Minaj's rap was really quite good, and M.I.A was a nice bonus, even though they should've featured far more heavily. Has anyone heard M.I.A's new song, "Bad Girl", can't decide whether I love or hate it! The video is quite bad-ass though.

Speaking of this song, did anyone see their half-time performance of this during the Super Bowl last night?

Even though she is in her 50s, wow she can still put on a good show! I hope that when I am that age, I can still do handstands, flips and ride LMFAO's shoulders... Shame that it was all lip synced, but I'm sure it would've been impossible to have done such an energetic routine and sound that great as well. "Like a Prayer" was by far my favourite song that she performed; Cee lo Green is so awesome! There has been some controversy around this performance though, since apparently M.I.A put her middle finger up at the screen, even though didn't see it when watching it back. I think this is absolutely ridiculous, surely seeing a 50 year old dancing "sexily" is far more damaging to the general public than a middle finger! Ah, why can't major British sporting fixtures have such "exciting" entertainment during the breaks - you would never see Justin Timberlake ripping Janet Jackson's dress to expose a naked boob during the FA cup final, would you?

What I'm looking forward too...
In 30 minutes, Lostprophets are going to announce and debut their first single from their up and coming album - "Weapons" on Zane Lowe's radio show. I am so excited, even though their last album from two years ago was quite underwhelming.
Just finished listening to it and eeek it's so good! The song is called "Bring 'Em Down", but it should be renamed "How to Count to Ten". I must say, the chorus is very powerful, with lots of harmonies and texture. There is also the inclusion of some synths, which I am not too sure whether I am liking or not at the moment, but I think that it is a good choice for them to start experimenting with more types of sounds. Listen to it from Zane Lowe's blog for free for a week.

Random gem from the past...
System of a down - Chop Suey!
Need I say more?

I'm out.

Rebecca x


  1. You're right, the lost prophets song is soo good!

  2. omg I'm disliking the Madonna song too!! And I love Ed Sheeran but I don't like drunk either its so...lack lustre LOL.


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