Sunday, 4 May 2014

How to acquire succulents for free?!

Picture taken in passing. God knows what my hand is doing. Shirt - vintage, dress - New Look, jelly shoes - Juju Jellie
Succulents have recently seen a surge of popularity on the internet. What is not to like them about them with their understated yet unusual fleshy leaves. These inconspicuous plants have been hailed the latest must-have interior accessory by the indie/hipster bloggers of Tumblr, however not everyone has the money to buy lots of pot plants as they are becoming increasingly expensive with their increasing popularity.

I have always grown up with succulent around the house so their recently rise to popularity was good news to me. The most interesting thing is that I don't think we've ever bought a succulent plant from a shop. One rather nifty aspect of succulents are that they reproduce asexually. It's been a few years since I've done biology but all this means that if you take a leaf that has fallen off the mother plant, a daughter plant will start growing from the fallen leaf. The plant can technically clone itself! They are hardy plants since they come from the dry areas of the tropics so they can easily be nurse back into a full grown plant. Whenever we would visit the garden centre, we would simply pick up leaves from succulents that fallen onto the floor and take them home to plant on pots of soil. This was our slightly cheeky, but not illegal way of getting an ever-so-cool succulent plant for free.

Speaking of clones, the second series of Orphan Black has returned to our television screens. Orphan Black is a fast paced, yet also slow burning sci-fi thriller with a touch of Scandi-noir which is centered around several women who are revealed to be clones. I recommend everyone to check it out on BBC Three on Wednesdays at 10pm. 

I hope you enjoyed today's random post. My images today are an homage to my favourite director - Wes Anderson who I spoke about in my last post. MS PowerPoint didn't have the exact font that he uses (Futura) so I had to make do with this one - yes I still edit my blog photos with PowerPoint. Have a good May the 4th.

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