Wednesday, 14 May 2014

18th Birthday Wish-list

In a few weeks time it will be my 18th birthday! For my 16th birthday, my friends asked me to compose a birthday wishlist and I decided to publish it here on my other blog. I thought it was quite enjoyable to read so this year I am planning on doing the same. Here is the low down of consumerist goods I would love to receive.


I have had the same pair of grotty trainers since year 9 PE classes so I think it is about time to upgrade. I would love a pair of practical trainers that I can wear for exercise as well as looking "cool" enough to wear as casual  everyday shoes: something quite classic and retro like Nike Air Max or New Balance 574s.


I think I have been wax-lyrical about Wes Anderson enough on this blog already but I would love to extend my obsession to owning a physical book where I can swoon over his visual mastery. I have attempting to read more this year which has partly failed due to exams, but I would love to get back into it so any other book would be much appreciated too.


I'm starting university soon so I would love to receive an academic diary to keep myself organised. I particularly love the Moleskine Peanuts design ones I have pictured above - they are small and compact with attractive graphics and stickers!


I found one of these pens lying around on a desk at school and the decision to take it and pop it in my pencil case was the best I have made in a long time. Super fine nibbed, smooth writing and ultra-fast drying, these pens make writing endless notes a far less arduous task. The Japanese really do engineer the best pens and I would love to have a stock-pile of them ready for university.


I think many women can empathise with the woes of accidentally smudging nail-polish after over-estimating how dry their nails are. I've used my sister's bottle of this a few times and it does what it says on the tin!


Also on the theme of nails, I hardly ever paint my nails due two main reasons. The first reason is because I am lazy. Secondly is because my nails are naturally quite soft and they feel even weaker after putting polish on them. Hopefully this nail strengthener with solve the second issue.

18 is a big milestone and I'm not too sure how to commemorate it. I know for sure that I do not want an expensive piece of jewellery or couture item as the high price tag is ultimately benefiting someone who is plenty rich enough and I would rather donate the money to a charity than perpetuate the unsustainable materialism. What did you do for your 18th birthday? I would love to hear your stories commented below.


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  1. Really cool kicks, nice selection x


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