Monday, 21 April 2014

Midnight Meta Musings

Wooh! Hello stranger. I bet you weren't expecting to read a post my me today!

Top - vintage, skirt - H&M, belt - vintage, shoes - Dr Martens
Falling off my stool
I have recently been reflecting on the purpose of this blog since I have not update in a while. Some have said that it is naive of me to having something so introspective and personal on the public domain as it can be read by anyone: future employers, teachers, and not-so-friendly acquaintances.  However, this is exactly why I love having a blog; it's my own time capsule documenting my thoughts and feelings at the time of writing that will forever exist on the omnipresent internet. As a proud introvert, blogging brings me great joy as it enables me to reflect on myself. So what have I been thinking about recently?

Inevitably, as a year 13 student hoping to attend university in October, exams have been at the forefront of my priority list, but let's not dwell on them as they are never fun. I have also been completing copious coursework since I take Design and Technology/Product Design A Level. I decided to make a solid maple and fully adjustable music stand which has been stressful but ultimately incredibly rewarding. I am a complete perfectionist and this was taken to a whole other level with this project with my fanatical approach. Hopefully I can blog again with my finished product soon.

In terms of consuming music, I have been listening to Blue Moon by Beck, Gizmodgery by SeLF and Sun Structures by Temples. In terms of creating music, my orchestra performed the Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky last week which was delightful.

Another recent obsession of mine is Wes Anderson films. His movies are a visual delight with intelligent and often humourous use of colour, framing and composition. His endearing characters and exciting storylines prevent the films from being grossly artsy. So far I have seen Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, Fantastic Mr Fox and The Grand Hotel Budapest and I love how his films are distinctly Wes Anderson without ever being repetitive. It is clear that all his movies are an product of love and achieved by a fastidious approach which I admire greatly. I could continue wax lyrical about everything I love about his movies but I think I'll stop here.

I hope you enjoyed my random spur of creativity, procrastination  and the resultant pictures I took. I achieved the ultrasound imaging like background effect by lighting myself using a head-torch place inside this large jar - tech-savvy as always. As a future material scientist - I'm going to study materials at university - I love thinking about different materials that are so common and seemingly mundane in our lives and the stories they have behind them.  From the bullet-proof, colour changing and wide panelled glass that our modern built-evironment is so dependent on, to the lens that allowed mankind to observe and thus understand more than they ever did before during the Renaissance, glass is a wondrous and revolutionary material that has manged to change the course of history in many ways. I can't wait till I can finish my A Levels and begin my degree in materials.

So that has been what I have been thinking about lately. If not anything, this post has been proof that I am a huge nerd. I usually don't even read back what write as it is usually is a stream of consciousness. If you have managed to read this far, I commend your ability to endure my ramble.  Goodbye until next time.



  1. ooh that skirt looks gorgeous on you! i love the vintage look, and i love your really cool editing! im new to this whole blogging thing and i am soo glad i found your blog, thanks for this post!

  2. I bought this skirt too last year, i absolutely love it and I wear it so much! Love the outfit x


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