Saturday, 9 August 2014

Ali Baba Pants

 photo cropp2_zps8921ff72.jpg photo cropped_zps7530b812.png
 photo Conjoined_zps027ea0b6.jpg
Necklace - Spitalfields Market, t-shirt - New Look, trousers - China
Many things have changed since we last spoke on this blog. I think the most obvious is my hair - I chopped off over 22 inches/ 50cm for the Little Princess Trust, who make wigs for children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment and other diseases. I would be so grateful if donate whatever you can via my JustGiving page or by simply texting "OINK77 £3" to 70070. To find out more about why I decided to do this and to watch a video of the actual hair cut, click through to my post on my other blog. For a very raw and personal post on my thoughts after my hair cut, I also wrote another post entitled : "Short Hair, Do Care?".

I have just returned from a fantastic 3 weeks on holiday in China. I will compose another blogpost about it as there is much to talk about but firstly let's discuss these funky trousers I bought whilst travelling. Wide leg trousers are basically glorified pajama pants that share the same comfort, but I think they look pretty stylish. Costing only £4, I bought 3 pairs of similar trousers, but I wish I bought more as clothes are so cheap out there.

I bought my necklace at Spitalfields Market from an Iraqi old lady for an extortionate £15. I normally would not spend so much money on an item of jewellery but the seller said it was handmade from Iraq and I thought I would support their trade, especially in today's grave political climate there.

I have actually acquired quite a few new clothes and since it is summer, I may have some more time to blog more often. Let's see if that is the case eh?



  1. ohmigod your hair! it is STUNNING! wish I could pull off short hair :(

    amazing outfit :)

  2. your hair is lovely, it really suits you and it's for a good cause!! x


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