Saturday, 20 July 2013

What's Going On?

 photo bubblewrapeditted_zps5752b249.jpg
Shirt - old, shorts - DIY/vintage, necklace - vintage, sandals- M&S
Yes! I am alive, not dead! Sorry for the unprecedented 3 month hiatus. I've pretty much lost my interest in blogging over this period as well as having copious A level exams keeping me preoccupied. Nonetheless, I actually had some free time today so I decided to document my outfit.

My shorts were actually calf length culottes that I bought for around £3 from the Vintage Kilo Sale, where I also bought this jacket featured here. They are made from a heavy wool material and fit me perfectly around the waist. I wanted to keep them long but I could not think of how to style them without looking ridiculous so I thought I might as well hack off a few inches and hem them again. I'm actually pretty happy with how they have turned which is something I can't always say about my DIY projects. They are now possibly my favourite pair of shorts which is quite an accolade as I have far too many pairs of shorts.

If you are wondering about the weird background I also decided to switch up the background for my pictures and decided to use pink bubble wrap for it. I think it gave an interesting background no? Anyway, recently I've been wearing pink constantly. This blog is also based around a pinkish colour scheme which I find quite odd as all throughout my life, I have hated the colour pink. I hated Fizz from the Tweenies as she was far too girly and wore too much pink - Bella was my favourite as she was bossy, as well as Jake as he had a mohawk and was short. . Perhaps I am now compensating for the lack of pink in my childhood by wearing more pink now.

Another side note, anyone who knows me in real life probably knows that I love physics. The physics of "pink" is actually quite interesting as there is no such thing as pink or magenta light - it does not exist in the spectrum. It turns out the reason why we see pink as colour is a biological one rather than a physical one. Here's video from the Royal Institution explaining why we see pink, another video from one of the best channels on Youtube (minutephysics) also explaining the same issue. Optics is one of my favourite topics in physics so I find this all so fascinating!

Anyway, I digress. I just love science so much I can't help myself but talk about it. Anyway, back to the shorts. They are great.

Thanks for reading!



  1. As much as I hated physics I loved that last para I just watched the video - really interesting actually! Nice work with the shorts

  2. i absolutely adore you blog so much!

  3. Great post as usual Rebecca (and welcome back) but for some reason pictures aren't loading! I'd really like to see the magical shorts.... XXX


  4. ah, your plaid shorts and your hair are so cute! i adore this look!

    lindsey louise

  5. You look adorable! I love your shorts, hemming them was a good move, they're the perfect length! I love your hair too xx


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