Tuesday, 19 February 2013

"You can never be overdressed or over-educated"

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Clothes - all hand-me-downs, bowler hat - River Island, pewter shoes - Dr Martens
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Today I made the rookie mistake of taking my blog pictures out during the midday sun, hence the horrendous over-exposure on these photographs. As you can see, it was actually a cloudless day in the UK - what is this malarkey?

I also ventured out of my humble abode to walk to a local farmer's field to take these pictures. However, I did not anticipate the paths and fields to be so muddy - I was literally sinking into the mud whilst awkwardly posing for these pictures. I was planning on walking to this lovely spot where there are also loads of Shetland ponies to take these pictures, but after walking 50m in this field, I could not take it any longer as my ankles were getting so muddy, so I just took them in the spot where I was at.

Also, my beautiful new pewter coloured Doc Marten's shoes were starting to give me blisters which absolutely sucked. I bought them from the Office sale for £40 last month. I am slightly disappointed in them however, as although I ordered a size 3, they are pretty much a size too big for my feet and consequently, I feel a bit like I'm wearing clown shoes as they are even longer due to the pointed shape. I don't care too much though, as they add such a statement to any outfit.

I have also worn quite a few of the items in this post in previous OOTDs from a while back, so if you're new around here, check these out:
Velvet top: "If I were a ballerina"
Floral shirt: "Silky silky"

As for how I've been recently, I am now on half term which could potentially mean more blogging?! So far, I have just enjoyed chilling, watching my favourite American TV shows (Revenge and Scandal - they are both very similar shows but I find them both so thrilling and addictive), listening to a whole lot of Shugo Tokumaru's music as well as rekindling my love for drawing. I have not really done any "proper" drawing for a few years now. I think this is mainly due to the fact that my sister has an undeniable born gift when it comes to drawing and since she is 7 years older than me as well, she has always been substantially better than me at it. I can't think of any other way of putting this in a manner that doesn't seem egotistical, but I don't like doing things that I'm not good at. I'm not saying that I am good at everything I do, it's just due to a potent combination of perfectionism and lack perseverance from myself. However, I thought it was high time to get over this and just do it as I enjoy it.

I think I am done rambling for today. I need to practice making my writing style more succinct and to the point as at the moment it is a superfluous mess, especially since I'm suppose to be writing my first draft of my personal statement over half term -  I'm going to need some help from some form of celestial being to make that happen!

Ciao dahlings,

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P.S.  Post title is referring to a quote by Oscar Wilde.


  1. Yay I've missed your posts Rebecca! And this will sound weird but I actually the exposure on the photos! They remind me of the ads for Marc Jacobs perfumes haha! Lovely outfit as per usual! Hope you're back to blogging!

    XOXO Sade

  2. I'm so jealous I want those jeans!!


  3. whaaat taking photos in the midday sun was an AWESOME idea like usually it sucks but OMG THESE PHOTOS LOOK REALLY GOOD. I love your jeans too! I hope your half term goes well :)

  4. Lovely outfit! I have the same shoes in black - and the exact same problem.. so annoying! xx

  5. Such a cute outfit, I love the bowler and shoes!:) x

  6. i really like these photos! especially the last one, the hat really suits you :) cute outfit too x

  7. I lovee these photos and those jeans are too cute! xx

  8. I just loove a good high waisted jean and yours are gorge! Love the bowler too I got one for xmas and was over the sun :) ohhh and you watch revenge! isnt it just the bomb digidy omg I thought it was still on a break checkingg right now! & also on half term woot aha I had myself a wee fashion shoot yesterday too for a post scheduled for today who knows If its actually gonna go up omg whyy do I always ramble whenever I comment on your posts?? Lol I hope your exam went well love byee xox


  9. Great photos, you look lovely! x

  10. I loveee the jeans! Ive been trying to look for them everywhere cause I think they are soo cute! :D This is such a pretty outfit! I love it <3
    Thank you for the sweet comment on my post about my room :) Id love if we could follow each other? Ill go follow you now!
    Sofia x

  11. Your back, wooop! Missed your posts, love this outfit! Those jeans are so perfect and I love how you've styled it x

  12. Love your vintage jeans they're a lot like Levi's xx

    I'm a new follower!
    Check out my blog and maybe follow back?

  13. love the backdrop and the outfit!


  14. I haven't checked back in a bit, just a little reminder of how obsessed I am with how fabulous you are. <3
    xx, Linds

  15. I still read your blog Becca xD am I the only guy here?

  16. agh, you're the biggest babe!

    loving the pantzzzzzzzz



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